20 new rules of politics Democrats have given us

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The Left has created caller rules for nationalist politics. Here are 20 immoderate precedents they present person established for America successful the future:

1. When successful power of the Senate, request the extremity of the filibuster; erstwhile not, don’t.

2. Call for the extremity of the Electoral College — but lone if it appears to precocious favour the campaigner of the opposition.

3. In an predetermination year, alteration immoderate authorities balloting laws deemed unhelpful done administrative fiat oregon tribunal bid to favour your governmental candidate.

4. Seek to flip electors from voting successful accordance with the fashionable ballot number successful their states; indict arsenic an insurrectionist immoderate of the absorption who situation bash the same.

5. Raid the location of immoderate absorption ex-president who removed classified files; exempt immoderate sitting president of your enactment who did the same.

6. Swarm the backstage homes of, and past bully and intimidate any, Supreme Court officials, politicians, oregon citizens you oppose.

7. Appoint 2 peculiar counsels: 1 to spell aft the existent main statesmanlike hostile successful an predetermination year; the different to exempt and excuse the sitting president for the precise crimes charged against his rival.

U.S. CapitolThe writer of this sentiment accuses Democrats of being hypocritical, among different things. Getty Images

8. Lobby to region immoderate oppositional president done the 25th Amendment; smear immoderate 1 arsenic ageist who suggests a cognitively challenged sitting nonmigratory of your enactment should beryllium taxable to akin invocations of the 25th Amendment.

9. Exempt thousands of arrested rioters from charges of 120 days of arson, looting, injuring 1,500 instrumentality enforcement officers, and battle — but lone if they are extremist supporters of your party.

10. Excuse immoderate demonstrator oregon rioter for desecrating nationalist monuments and cemeteries oregon shutting down bridges and freeways, oregon swarming and disrupting the Capitol Rotunda — but lone if they hold with you and/or are pro-Hamas. Otherwise, guarantee the charged look lengthy situation sentences.

11. Try to battalion the Supreme Court — but lone if justices you don’t similar are successful a majority.

12. Seek successful an predetermination twelvemonth to region a statesmanlike hostile disconnected authorities ballots for crimes for which helium has ne'er been charged, overmuch little convicted of.

13. First people a statesmanlike opponent, and past change, warp, oregon redefine laws to convict him. Weaponized prosecutors should ever indict their governmental opponents successful jurisdictions wherever they are guaranteed like-minded justices and assemblage pools.

14. Violate the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution (the prohibition of “excessive fines”) by having sympathetic judges level multimillion-dollar fines to bankrupt the absorption campaigner during a statesmanlike campaign. The much determination is nary unfortunate of a crime, the higher fines should beryllium leveled for “damages.”

15. Open the borderline by destroying each the protocols and enforcement orders of a predecessor president. Then invited 8 cardinal amerciable aliens to “surge” into America connected the premise a caller constituency mightiness enactment agendas that American citizens bash not. Then telephone the nonexistent borderline “secure,” portion blaming a predecessor president for having near it secure.

16. Have section prosecutors invent transgression acts of an absorption nationalist statesmanlike campaigner successful efforts to marque it intolerable for him to run for the presidency.

17. Use the FBI to prosecute retired societal media auditors to censor immoderate quality deemed problematic for the close statesmanlike candidate.

18. Hire a overseas nationalist to concoct a smear dossier astir one’s absorption governmental nominee. Ensure the FBI besides uses and pays the overseas nationalist to dispersed untruths among the media and administrative state.

19. On the eve of immoderate large nationalist oregon midterm election, guarantee a president drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to little gasoline prices.

20. On the eve of immoderate large nationalist oregon midterm election, guarantee a president promises to cancel billions of dollars successful contracted national pupil loans.

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