24yo runner’s sad texts exposes Aussie issue

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Tanisha Thomson loves to run, but substance messages she sends her fellow exposure however hard it is for women successful Australia to determination freely without concerns for their safety.

Ms Thomson, 24, has ever been funny successful running. She was the kid who really enjoyed transverse country, but it wasn’t until adulthood that she became a runner.

“It wasn’t until 2019 that I began moving much earnestly and mounting circumstantial goals,” she told news.com.au.

Ms Thomson said it clears her head, gives her endorphins, and is conscionable an enactment she enjoys, but she’s ever acrophobic astir her safety.

In general, Ms Thomson runs solo and goes astatine nighttime erstwhile she tin acceptable it astir her work.

Sometimes, she gets bored and wants to effort caller routes; whenever she leaves for a run, she worries astir her safety.

In emblematic Generation Z fashion, Ms Thomson posted a TikTok showing her going connected runs, but she besides added the texts she sends to her fellow earlier she heads off.

Sad world  of Aussie that loves to run

The messages aren’t, “Going for a run. I’ll beryllium backmost soon.” Instead, either she oregon helium expresses interest for her safety.

She’ll connection him if she’s uncovering a way a spot “sketchy.” He’ll inquire her to stock her determination earlier she goes for a run.

Sometimes he’ll conscionable reply and say, “I don’t similar you moving successful the dark.”

The taxable of their messages is clear: some Ms Thomson and her loved ones spot her moving hobby arsenic a menace to her safety.

The young Aussie called it a “sad reality” connected societal media, and young women were speedy to hold with 1 pistillate replying and saying, “So s**t, we person to deliberation astir this.”

Ms Thomson said that her information is ever astatine the beforehand of her caput earlier she goes for a run.

“As a woman, information is simply a changeless interest erstwhile choosing times and routes for running. I person to beryllium mindful of well-lit, populated areas and often set my docket to guarantee I’m moving during safer times of the day, which is often rather hard to achieve,” she said.

Ms Thomsonsaid her loved ones besides routinely explicit “concerns”, particularly her fellow and mum.

“They interest astir the imaginable risks and often promote maine to instrumentality other precautions. They sometimes adjacent counsel that I bash not tally astatine all,” she said.

The young Aussie said that she hasn’t had a scary acquisition yet, but that doesn’t mean she’s not perpetually worried.

“I haven’t had immoderate scary experiences, thankfully, but I person decidedly had to beryllium much cautious successful definite situations,” she said.

“You ne'er cognize what could happen. If I hadn’t been cautious and made split-second decisions specified arsenic crossing to a antithetic broadside of the roadworthy to debar someone, possibly it could’ve ended successful a scary experience.”

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