A "Mammoth" carbon capture facility gets up and running in Iceland

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Carbon seizure aims to dilatory clime alteration

Inside efforts to standard nonstop aerial seizure to dilatory clime alteration | 60 Minutes 12:57

Hellisheidi, Iceland — With Mammoth's 72 concern fans, Swiss start-up Climeworks intends to suck astir 40,000 tons of CO2 from the aerial annually to hide underground, vying to beryllium the exertion has a spot successful the combat against planetary warming. Mammoth, the largest carbon dioxide seizure and storage installation of its kind, launched operations this week situated connected a dormant volcano successful Iceland.

The installation adds important capableness to Climework's archetypal project, Orca, which besides sucks the superior greenhouse state that is fueling clime alteration retired of the atmosphere.

How does Climeworks seizure CO2?

Just 31 miles from an progressive volcano, the seemingly risky tract was chosen for its proximity to the Hellisheidi geothermal vigor works indispensable to powerfulness the facility's fans and vigor chemic filters to extract CO2 with h2o vapor.

ICELAND-SWITZERLAND-CLIMATE-ENVIRONMENT-CARBON-ENERGY The caller "Mammoth" c dioxide seizure and retention installation of Swiss start-up Climeworks is seen successful Hellisheidi, Iceland, May 8, 2024. HALLDOR KOLBEINS/AFP/Getty

The CO2 is past separated from the steam and compressed successful a hangar wherever immense pipes crisscross.

Finally, the state is dissolved successful h2o and pumped underground with a "sort of elephantine SodaStream," said Bergur Sigfusson, main strategy improvement serviceman for Carbfix, which developed the process.  

A well, drilled nether a futuristic-looking dome, injects the h2o 2,300 feet down into the volcanic basalt that makes up 90% of Iceland's subsoil, wherever it reacts with the magnesium, calcium and robust successful the stone to signifier crystals — coagulated reservoirs of CO2.

There are a fig of other CO2 seizure technologies being enactment to usage astir the world, including successful the U.S., wherever the Biden medication has committed astir $4 cardinal to jumpstart the industry.

How 2 companies are approaching c capture 02:58

The methods scope from warehouses afloat of stacked limestone blocks that sorb CO2 similar sponges to burying compressed concern and cultivation discarded to fastener the state distant for centuries.

Lofty c seizure ambitions

For the satellite to execute "carbon neutrality" by 2050, "we should beryllium removing thing similar six to 16 cardinal tonnes [17.6 U.S. tons] of CO2 per twelvemonth from the air," said Jan Wurzbacher, co-founder and co-chief of Climeworks, astatine the inauguration of the archetypal 12 instrumentality fans astatine Mammoth.

"I rather powerfully judge that a ample stock of these... request to beryllium covered by method solutions," helium said.

"Not we alone, not arsenic a azygous company. Others should bash that arsenic well," helium added, mounting his start-up of 520 employees the extremity of surpassing millions of tons by 2030 — and approaching a cardinal by 2050.

Speaking past twelvemonth with CBS' 60 Minutes, Climeworks' main exertion serviceman Carolos Haertel said that technically the scaling up process tin beryllium done connected a planetary standard — but helium besides said a azygous institution can't bash it, and helium hinted that governmental volition indispensable besides beryllium down the initiatives. 

2.jpg 60 Minutes analogous Bill Whitaker, left, speaks with 1 of Climeworks' elder unit astatine the company's Orca c dioxide seizure facilities successful Iceland, successful a 2023 record photo. 60 Minutes

"Whether we are taking the close absorption volition beryllium arsenic overmuch connected societal things than connected method matters," Haertel told 60 Minutes' Bill Whitaker astatine the Orca facility. "Am I optimistic arsenic an engineer? I am, absolutely. Am I optimistic arsenic a citizen? Maybe half-half. I haven't made my caput up yet."

Three years aft opening Orca, Climeworks volition summation its capableness from astir 4,409 to 44,000 tons of CO2 captured annually erstwhile Mammoth is astatine afloat capableness — but that represents conscionable seconds of the world's existent emissions.

One of the companies interviewed by CBS News successful 2023 astir its plans to ramp up c seizure operations said it hopes to yet beryllium locking distant 50,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Only portion of the solution to code emissions

According to the Intergovernmental Panel connected Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations' clime adept body, c removal technologies volition beryllium indispensable to conscionable the targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement, but large reductions of emissions are the priority.

The relation of nonstop aerial seizure with c retention (DACCS) remains insignificant successful the assorted clime models owed to its precocious price, and its deployment connected a ample standard depends connected the availability of renewable vigor to powerfulness it.

Climeworks is simply a pioneer, with the 2 archetypal plants successful the satellite to person surpassed the aviator signifier astatine a outgo of astir $1,000 per ton captured. Wurzbacher expects that outgo to diminution to conscionable $300 by 2030.

More than 20 caller infrastructure projects, developed by assorted players and combining nonstop seizure and storage, should beryllium operational worldwide by 2030, with a combined capableness of astir 11 cardinal of tons.

"We request astir apt astir $10 cardinal to proceed implicit the adjacent decennary to deploy our assets" successful the United States, Canada, Norway, Oman and Kenya, said Christoph Gebald, Climeworks co-founder and co-chief. That's 10 times what the institution has already raised.

Carbon seizure exertion removes CO2 from powerfulness works emissions, but is it a clime solution? 05:17

"When I'm lasting present astatine Orca I think: 'Oh this looks similar a small spot similar Lego bricks'. It's a tiny happening compared to Mammoth," Wurzbacher said.

Lego bought carbon credits generated by Climeworks for each ton of CO2 stored. The credits are a mode of making the solution known to the wide public, Gebald said, who has not ruled retired selling credits to "big polluters" arsenic well.

Critics of the exertion constituent to the hazard of giving them "license to pollute" oregon diverting billions of dollars that could beryllium amended invested successful readily disposable exertion specified arsenic renewable vigor oregon electrical vehicles.

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