ABC boss defends Laura Tingle

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The ABC’s managing manager David Anderson has defended comments made by the network’s main governmental analogous for the 7.30 program, Laura Tingle, aft she openly criticised Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s fund reply address.

Appearing successful a sheet astatine the Sydney Writers’ Festival connected Saturday, Ms Tingle voiced disapproval with Mr Dutton’s address, arguing that she could not retrieve a clip erstwhile a governmental person had said “everything that is going incorrect successful this state is due to the fact that of migrants”.

Ms Tingle besides labelled Australia “a racist country”.

The comments fuelled accusations of bias astatine the nationalist broadcaster, with Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce accusing the ABC of being “mad near wing”.

In his opening connection earlier legislature estimates, Mr Anderson pre-emptively defended Ms Tingle’s comments.

“Laura Tingle is among the astir respected and admired journalists and governmental commentators successful the state reporting crossed broadcast and people platforms … and has been characterised arsenic candid, honorable and accurate,” helium said.

“The contented was, the nationalist comments astatine the caller Sydney Writers’ Festival did not supply the applicable discourse and mentation to enactment her investigation of the opposition’s station fund argumentation presumption connected immigration.”

Facing a barrage of questions from Victorian Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson implicit whether the comments breached editorial standards, Mr Anderson said they would not person met them had they been made connected an ABC platform.

“I deliberation Ms Tingle has expressed regret astatine those comments. The mode that they were summarised and truncated,” Mr Anderson said.

“I deliberation that and I hold with her that that was a mistake.”

Asked if Ms Tingle should permission the ABC, Mr Anderson said no.

“I don’t judge Laura Tingle should permission the ABC, again, I deliberation what needs to beryllium said (is that it was a) speech disconnected the cuff astatine the Sydney Writers Festival, she has regretted not having context,” Mr Anderson said.

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