Amy Schumer says criticism of her face led to diagnosis

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Comedian and histrion Amy Schumer received comments aft respective caller TV appearances from viewers who noticed her rounder-looking face. While immoderate of the comments astir her carnal quality seemed mean-spirited oregon unwarranted, Schumer said "thank God for that," due to the fact that she realized thing was incorrect and got a diagnosis: Cushing syndrome. 

After appearing connected shows similar "Watch What Happens Live" and "The Tonight Show" to beforehand her amusement "Life and Beth," Schumer took to Instagram to code the comments. "Binge some afloat seasons of @lifeandbethhulu and convey you truthful overmuch for everyone's input astir my face! I've enjoyed feedback and deliberation astir my quality arsenic each women bash for astir 20 years," she wrote, a hint of sarcasm successful her post.

She said her look is puffier than normal, saying she has endometriosis and is going done "medical and hormonal things." 

But successful a caller interview with "News Not Noise" blogger Jessica Yellin, Schumer said aft speechmaking the comments she was diagnosed with Cushing syndrome, which according to the Mayo Clinic occurs erstwhile the assemblage has excessively overmuch of the hormone cortisol implicit a agelong play of time.

What is Cushing syndrome?

Symptoms of the condition, which tin beryllium caused from taking medications called glucocorticoids oregon corticosteroids, tin see a rounded face, pinkish oregon purple agelong marks connected the tegument and a fatty hump betwixt the shoulders, according to Mayo Clinic, and could besides pb to precocious humor pressure, bony nonaccomplishment and adjacent benignant 2 diabetes. 

Schumer said her information was caused by getting steroid injections successful precocious doses. She says she present feels "reborn" aft her diagnosis, and portion immoderate forms of Cushing tin beryllium fatal, she has a benignant that "will conscionable enactment itself out."

She said that portion she was making nationalist appearances and giving interviews to beforehand the show, she was getting tests similar MRIs and humor draws, which made her interest she whitethorn not beryllium astir to spot her lad turn up. 

"So uncovering retired I person the benignant of Cushing that volition conscionable enactment itself retired and I'm steadfast was the top quality imaginable," she said. "It has been a brainsick mates weeks for maine and my family."

"Aside from fears astir my health, I besides had to beryllium connected camera having the net chime in. But convey God for that," she said. "Because that's however I realized thing was wrong."

Lowering the body's cortisol levels tin assistance amended Cushing symptoms, and the sooner attraction starts, the better, Mayo Clinic says. Cortisol is simply a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that helps modulate your body's effect to stress, according to Cleveland Clinic

Corticosteroids tin beryllium utilized to dainty respective issues including rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and allergies, according to the Mayo Clinic. They tin beryllium taken by mouth, inhaled oregon injected, and each of these forms tin travel with broadside effects.

Amy Schumer's endometriosis diagnosis

Schumer said she has endometriosis, an often achy information successful which insubstantial that is akin to the wrong the uterus grows extracurricular of it.

When asked by Yellin wherefore she is sharing her wellness information, Schumer said: "The shaming and disapproval of our ever-changing bodies is thing I person dealt with and witnessed for a agelong time. I privation truthful overmuch for women to emotion themselves and beryllium relentless erstwhile warring for their ain wellness successful a strategy that usually doesn't judge them."

"I privation women to cognize it's abnormal to person highly achy periods and to find idiosyncratic with acquisition successful diagnosing and operating for endometriosis," she said, adding that she received country for the information that changed her life. "I privation women to worth feeling strong, steadfast and comfy successful their ain skin. I americium highly privileged to person the resources I person for my wellness and I cognize it's not that mode for astir people. I americium grateful and privation to usage my dependable to proceed to combat for women."

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