Anna Paul causes frenzy as fans flood Pacific Fair for photo op

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An big prima sparked chaotic scenes astatine a Gold Coast buying centre aft hundreds of fans turned up for an organised meet-and-greet.

Anna Paul has much than 7 cardinal followers connected TikTok unsocial aft documenting her translation from a “broke” schoolgirl to a affluent skincare entrepreneur.

While Ms Paul has earned praise and adoration from young girls for her “girl-next-door” quality and body-positive messaging connected TikTok and Instagram, she’s besides been unfastened astir the information she funds her manner selling sexually explicit OnlyFans content.

The 25-year-old, who describes herself arsenic a “sex worker”, launched her skincare enactment Paullie to a “six-figure waitlist” astatine the extremity of past year, and implicit the play hosted a pop-up astatine Pacific Fair to observe 12 caller products hitting the range.

But aft footage of young teens and children happily queuing to conscionable the prima went viral, immoderate parents person argued the buying centre was incorrect to beforehand a “poor relation model”, prompting Ms Paul to support her nationalist lifestyle.

“The satellite needs much kindness I deliberation that’s yet the extremity here,” she told erstwhile asked astir the backlash.

“I started vlogging my beingness conscionable to amusement radical however you tin person amusive with the tiny things successful life.

“It started during Covid erstwhile everyone was successful fastener down, and I would amusement my greeting regular and amusive things you tin do, and past it each benignant of exploded from there.

“Its truthful surreal to spot however galore radical were funny successful my beingness truthful quickly, the bully parts and the bad.”

Her comments travel aft a study by the Gold Coast Bulletin reported parents were “riled up” by the information a enactment idiosyncratic had drawn specified a assemblage astatine the buying centre.

“I’m disquieted for our younger generations with what we are promoting. Pacific Fair, yes you dam(n) close sent the incorrect connection today,” 1 furious mum wrote connected Instagram.

“I’m virtually disgusted and really cried contiguous reasoning of what this satellite is coming to for my lad and daughter,” different agreed.

On TikTok, immoderate echoed the sentiment, writing: “Why are we worshipping a porn prima I’m truthful confused.”

Furious fans were speedy to clap back, arguing Ms Paul is simply a large power due to the fact that she’s “super affirmative and loves her family”.

“She’s astonishing and radical emotion her not due to the fact that what she does,” 1 stated.

“I emotion what she stands for,” different agreed.

As 1 implored connected those reacting negatively to “chill”.

Many of the videos flooding TikTok from the lawsuit were besides filled with praise, noting the lawsuit was free, and that Ms Paul was “giving back” to fans.

“I was there, I met her she’s truthful beauteous successful existent life,” 1 wrote connected a video of the societal media prima arriving astatine the event.

“This was specified a amusive morning, can’t judge she did it for free,” different shared.

As different revealed: “The crowds were immense they conscionable kept getting bigger, the enactment for the conscionable and greet was truthful long, and determination were truthful galore radical up connected the apical level each around.”

“Best time ever,” mused one.

“Pinch me, can’t judge I met the Queen today,” declared 1 fan.

Ms Paul told “it’s my imagination to speech to each azygous 1 of my followers successful existent life”, adding it made the turnout “even much special”.

“To perceive their idiosyncratic stories, to springiness them proposal face-to-face, to hug them - each those things are priceless and I would bash it mundane if I could,” she said.

“I anticipation that for them its besides bully to spot that I’ll amusement up for them the aforesaid mode they amusement up for me.”

Shortly aft the Pacific Fair appearance, Paullie’s caller products deed virtual shelves, with shoppers already reporting respective of the items were “out of stock”.

Demand for the Australian quality marque has been huge, with the Australian Financial Review describing it arsenic 1 of the biggest skincare launches down nether successful caller history, successful September.

The enactment launched with 4 products that were inspired by Ms Paul’s ain struggles with acne and are priced betwixt $23 and $30.

She’s acceptable to bash a “surprise” quality astatine Melbourne Central wherever the Paullie pop-up volition beryllium located betwixt June 28 to 30, though determination volition not beryllium a conscionable and greet owed to the size of the space.

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