Anti-abortion rights groups push abortion "reversal." States say that's fraud.

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Some anti-abortion rights groups are selling a process called "abortion pill reversal," which they assertion tin assistance women halt aesculapian abortions. That assertion is present being challenged by authorities officials who allege the groups are veering into mendacious advertizing and fraud. 

Heartbeat International, an anti-abortion rights group, and 11 different anti-abortion organizations were sued Monday by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who alleged the organizations are making "false and misleading statements to advertise an unproven treatment." The ailment follows a akin lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta successful September.

Heartbeat has countersued, asking the courts to propulsion retired California's suit connected the grounds that it infringes its First Amendment rights. It besides asserts that termination pill reversal is harmless and effective.

The litigation comes astatine a clip erstwhile the alleged termination pill — really a combination of 2 drugs — accounts for astir two-thirds of abortions successful the U.S., according to the Guttmacher Institute, which researches reproductive rights. More women are turning to medicine abortion, alternatively than surgery, partially due to the fact that it allows them to question attraction privately and negociate the process astatine home. 

Meanwhile, termination entree has faced increasing restrictions crossed overmuch of the U.S. pursuing the Supreme Court's 2022 decision overturning Roe v. Wade. The precocious tribunal is besides presently considering a case that could yet curtail usage of the termination pill crossed the U.S.

In taking purpose astatine the anti-abortion groups, New York and California are turning to authorities laws that prohibit deceptive concern practices arsenic good arsenic mendacious advertizing — successful effect, some are asking courts to regularisation connected whether the clinics' advertisements for termination pill reversal attraction magnitude to fraud. 

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New York and California besides privation the courts to artifact Heartbeat and affiliated anti-abortion clinics from continuing to beforehand termination pill reversal due to the fact that they are allegedly misleading consumers. 

For its part, Heartbeat International told CBS MoneyWatch that James' suit is simply a "clear effort to censor speech." 

"By singling retired these organizations solely due to the fact that they connection an alternate to abortion, she is not lone violating their rights but besides denying women entree to attraction and enactment arsenic they question to effort and proceed their pregnancies," Heartbeat said successful an email. 

What is "abortion pill reversal"?

Medication termination involves taking 2 pills: mifepristone, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration successful 2000, and misoprostol. To statesman the process, a pistillate archetypal takes mifepristone, which stops the gestation from growing. (The Supreme Court's lawsuit involving the termination pill is focused connected mifepristone.)

About 24 to 48 hours aft that, the pistillate takes misoprostol, which causes the uterus to declaration and abort the fetus.

As this process has go the astir communal termination treatment, anti-abortion clinics person turned to promoting a method they assertion tin "reverse" the effect of the termination pill. But that assertion is misleading due to the fact that it implies the attraction tin undo an abortion, James alleges.

The anti-abortion clinics "imply the intolerable — that fetal insubstantial that has been expelled from the uterus owed to a completed termination tin beryllium returned to the uterus. It cannot," the New York suit alleges. 

In reality, the attraction is aimed astatine halting the medicine termination process midway by giving a pistillate a precocious dose of the hormone progesterone aft she's taken the archetypal pill but earlier she's ingested the 2nd — astatine that point, an termination hasn't yet occurred.

Heartbeat International told CBS MoneyWatch the attraction has "saved" 5,000 babies of women who person sought to halt a medicine abortion. It added that the outgo of the attraction varies connected the dose of progesterone utilized successful the process. The radical besides vowed to "continue to connection enactment to those who question it."

Is termination pill reversal safe?

Heartbeat's website about termination pill reversal claims the process is effectual and says it "increases the chances" of a gestation continuing. The tract besides contends that the attraction tin prevention 64% to 68% of pregnancies, though it lone cites "initial studies" for the statistic, without identifying the circumstantial research. 

According to James' suit, however, "no competent and reliable technological grounds exists to substantiate these claimed occurrence rates." As a result, the ailment alleges specified claims whitethorn mislead consumers astir the treatment's efficacy. 

The suit besides claims that Heartbeat and different anti-abortion clinics picture the process arsenic "proven harmless and fundamentally risk-free," portion successful information the attraction hasn't been tested successful immoderate reputable aesculapian study.

In a effect to CBS MoneyWatch, Heartbeat said the attraction "stands arsenic a harmless and effectual enactment for women who alteration their minds instantly aft taking the termination pill, mifepristone." The radical noted that progesterone, the hormone utilized successful the treatment, is an FDA-approved medicine that has been utilized "for decades to forestall miscarriage and preterm birth."

Heartbeat added that its assertions are supported by "both technological grounds and the lived acquisition of women who are holding their babies successful their arms contiguous aft starting a chemic termination and experiencing a palmy reversal."

However, aesculapian experts hold that termination pill reversal hasn't been proven safe, arsenic the lone double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized objective proceedings for the attraction had to beryllium stopped aft immoderate women experienced "life-threatening complications similar hemorrhage," said Dr. Stacy Sun, an obstetrician and gynecologist and a chap with Physicians for Reproductive Health, a radical of doctors that advocates for reproductive health.

"This dangerous, non-evidence based regimen is utilized to prey connected radical making thoughtful decisions astir their bodies, families and futures," Dr. Sun told CBS MoneyWatch. "It is infantilizing and manipulative."

In its countersuit, Heartbeat said that its claims the attraction has been effectual successful 64% to 68% of pregnancies are based connected a 2018 survey by Dr. George Delgado, a household doc who created the termination pill reversal treatment. But James' suit notes that the survey was based connected tracking women who called the termination pill reversal hotline and wasn't a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

Meanwhile, immoderate states — chiefly those that person restricted termination entree aft Roe v. Wade was overturned — "actually necessitate misinformation astir medicine abortion" to beryllium provided to women who are seeking abortions, the Guttmacher Institute said successful an email.

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For instance, Nebraska requires that specified patients beryllium told: "If you alteration your caput and privation to proceed your gestation aft taking mifepristone, it whitethorn not beryllium excessively late." They are past directed to Heartbeat's termination pill reversal hotline. 

"Note that this is misinformation astir medicine termination generally, and immoderate of these states enactment it retired successful their materials" adjacent if it isn't required by statutes oregon regulations, the Guttmacher Institute said.

Heartbeat successful February filed a suit seeking to propulsion retired the California case, arguing that the enactment is protected by the First Amendment successful providing accusation astir termination pill reversal. The group's ailment besides argues that it is "not due to litigate the merits of technological studies successful the judicial system."

Heartbeat, which doesn't itself run immoderate clinics but provides enactment to astir 3,000 anti-abortion rights centers, said it "receives nary kickback oregon different outgo for referring a pistillate to a physician" successful the web of clinics offering termination pill reversal, according to its suit.

"With this lawsuit, [Attorney General] James is protecting Big Abortion successful New York portion denying women successful her authorities the close to proceed their ain pregnancies," said Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, said successful the connection sent to CBS MoneyWatch.

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