Ariana accidentally reveals ‘real’ voice mid-interview

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Ariana Grande has near fans baffled aft she appeared to uncover her ‘real’ dependable mid-interview earlier rapidly switching backmost to 1 she puts on.

In a precise Paris Hilton-esque move, the vocalist was seen people slipping into her deeper registry portion chatting connected a podcast interrogation with Penn Badgely’s Podcrushed.

As she laughed and joked, the popular prima sounded noticeably deeper than usual.

But past a look appeared to flash crossed her look earlier she audibly altered the transportation of her dependable and fell backmost into a overmuch higher, softer code reminiscent of aged Hollywood.

Fans rushed to remark and stock their surprise, with 1 replying to a viral clip connected Twitter, saying: “She’s truly the Paris Hilton of the euphony manufacture origin astir radical don’t cognize that this heavy dependable is her existent voice.”

“It’s similar she’s utilizing her lawsuit work dependable this is truthful bizarre,” laughed another, with a 3rd commenting: “What is going connected this is truthful cringe!”

“I truly privation to cognize what her existent dependable is bc I’m missing the aged one,” complained another.

Some fans suggested that it’s apt Ariana is slipping backmost into the dependable she’s been utilizing for her relation arsenic Glinda successful Wicked portion it’s been being filmed for the past 2 years.

“I cognize she can’t hold for Wicked to driblet truthful she tin halt talking similar Glinda she sick of doing that voice,” suggested a fan, with different teasing: “She went to the Christian Bale of method acting.”

In mentation of her caller film, Grande deed intermission connected releasing a caller medium for the relation which she calls the show of her lifetime.

“Every portion of me, each minute, each ounce of my heart, my time, my everything that I tin springiness it... I americium spending each my clip with Glinda,” she antecedently said connected her R.E.M. Beauty YouTube channel. “So my hands are rather full.”

“I cognize the worldly similar the backmost of my hand, but I inactive person truthful overmuch to learn,” she added of her role. “I went beauteous hard getting ready.”

Wicked: Part One volition beryllium released successful November 2024, portion Part Two will beryllium released a twelvemonth later.

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