Aussies being targeted by delivery scams

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Three-quarters of Australians person been the people of transportation scams, according to the latest probe from Australia Post.

About 25 per cent of those who received a fake transportation oregon bundle connection from scammers, unwillingly go the unfortunate of individuality theft oregon suffered a fiscal nonaccomplishment of up to $20,000.

More than fractional of those radical initially thought the fake transportation connection was morganatic and pursued it earlier realising the contented was fraudulent.

The probe besides recovered 80 per cent of Aussies received betwixt 1 to 10 scam texts oregon calls each week, and 15 per cent received 16 oregon much scam emails.

Australia Post has urged radical to support themselves from scams arsenic they go much prevalent and convincing.

Australia Post’s radical main enforcement Paul Graham said Australians were losing billions of dollars to scams each year.

“Scam attempts are becoming much sophisticated, predominant and progressively harder to observe and our latest probe reveals that astir of america person already been targeted,” helium said.

“With galore radical being bombarded with fake texts, emails and calls the champion mode for customers to enactment harmless from scams is by utilizing the escaped AusPost app, which tracks deliveries securely.”

Australia Post’s caller probe follows the latest study from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC),

The ACCC study revealed Australians mislaid $2.74b successful 2023 and made much than 601,000 scam reports, an summation of 18.5 per cent from 2022.

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