Aussies hit back at ‘spirit of cricket’ warriors

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Josh Hazlewood says Kiwi prima Kane Williamson would person been tally retired careless of his collision with teammate Will Young arsenic respective tone of cricket warriors questioned the dismissal.

Williamson knocked the shot into the disconnected broadside and took disconnected for a speedy single, but ended up crashing into Young successful calamitous scenes which summed up a disastrous time for the location broadside successful Wellington.

The dismissal was questioned connected societal media, with immoderate fans questioning whether the Australians had adhered to the tone of cricket by taking vantage of the Kiwi moving chaos.

But Hazlewood said Labuschagne’s speedy reasoning meant the dicey azygous would person resulted successful Williamson’s wicket adjacent if helium had managed to debar his batting partner.

“Marnus successful peculiar has conscionable been outstanding the past mates of years,” Hazlewood said.

“I cognize helium works ace hard astatine grooming each the time.

“I deliberation it would person been retired adjacent if they didn’t collide to beryllium honest.”

One fan, Farid Khan, tweeted: “Where’s tone of cricket from the Australians? Justice for Kane Williamson.”

Another said: “Pretty unfortunate for Kane Williamson. Australia should not get him retired successful this mode considering tone of the game.”

But they were howled down by galore fans, with 1 saying: “Absolutely thing to bash with the tone of cricket. Stupid premix up by the batsmen.”

On ABC, erstwhile Aussie spinner Xavier Doherty said: “There was boos from the crowd, but erstwhile they spot the replay they’ll cognize what’s happened. There was thing untoward there, conscionable a calamity for New Zealand … Kane Williamson wouldn’t person made his crushed without the collision.”

Kiwi batter Glenn Phillips said the incidental was a “freak accident”.

“It was conscionable 1 of those freak moments wherever everything brought together, a small cleanable storm, and unluckily Marnus hit,” helium said.

Hazlewood, who shared a grounds 116-run last-wicket basal with Cameron Green connected time two, said the all-rounder’s 2nd Test 100 could beryllium a launching pad for his vocation arsenic a No.4.

Originally published arsenic New Zealand v Australia, archetypal Test time 3 live: Josh Hazlewood explains Kane Williamson tally out

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