‘Bad Breath Rapist’ caught after 16 years on the run

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A convicted intersexual predator known arsenic the “Bad Breath Rapist” was recovered successful a multimillion-dollar location and captured astir 17 years aft helium went connected the tally during his proceedings successful the US authorities of Massachusetts.

Tuen Lee was arrested connected the different broadside of the country, successful a affluent Californian assemblage wherever he’d been surviving for much than a decennary with his angiosperm store proprietor woman who had nary hint astir his vicious past, according to Massachusetts State Police.

On February 2, 2005, Lee broke into the location of a waitress who worked astatine his family’s edifice successful Boston, held her astatine knifepoint, zip-tied her hands to a furniture and brutally raped her, constabulary said astatine the time, New York Post reported.

Although helium was wearing a skis mask, investigators were capable to place him successful portion due to the fact that the unfortunate recognised the odor of her boss’s horrendous halitosis, constabulary said.

DNA grounds besides linked Lee, who reportedly went by the fake sanction “Randy,” to the transgression scene, wherever the victim’s fellow recovered her hours aft the attack.

Lee was charged with rape and released connected $100,000 (AU$150,456) currency bail earlier his proceedings — but helium disappeared not agelong earlier closing arguments successful September 2007.

He had already fled the authorities by the clip the assemblage delivered the blameworthy verdict.

Authorities hunted for the funky-mouthed fugitive for years – and Lee was adjacent featured connected an occurrence of America’s Most Wanted.

Earlier this year, investigators got a interruption successful the lawsuit erstwhile they looked into a multimillion-dollar location owned by a store proprietor successful Diablo, California, the authoritative connection read.

Officers watched Lee and the unidentified woman, whom they described arsenic a longtime “companion,” permission the location connected Tuesday, and pulled them implicit successful a postulation stop.

Lee initially gave a fake name, but aboriginal admitted to his existent identity, which was confirmed via fingerprints.

“His pistillate companion, aft 15 years of being unneurotic successful California, ne'er knew who helium truly was,” the authorities constabulary said.

Lee is present being transported to the Danville Police Department for booking. His transportation to Massachusetts is pending.

“There are convulsive offenders retired determination who judge they tin perpetrate crimes and not beryllium held accountable for their actions,” said Chief Inspector Sean LoPiccolo, the caput of the US Marshals Service Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force.

“Tuen Lee was connected the tally for much than 16 years and the unwavering dedication by instrumentality enforcement to find and apprehension him hopefully brings bid of caput to the unfortunate and her family,” helium added.

Lee present faces beingness successful prison.

This communicative primitively appeared connected the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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