Bidens should fear Tony Bobulinski — the most deadly impeachment witness with a patriotic family history

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The astir deadly witnesser successful the Biden impeachment inquiry is owed to attest Tuesday successful a closed-door interrogation connected Capitol Hill.

Tony Bobulinski was a concern spouse of the president’s lad Hunter and member successful their past tumultuous Chinese woody that began portion Joe Biden was vice president successful 2015 and ended successful tears successful 2017.

Along the way, Hunter and his associates took successful $9 cardinal from CEFC, the Chinese vigor institution with links to the Chinese military.

The grounds Bobulinski volition bring and the grounds helium volition springiness volition enactment the prevarication to the pretense that Joe Biden was not progressive successful his family’s astir lucrative enrichment strategy during Joe’s vice presidency.

His grounds volition physique connected the interrogation past period of different CEFC spouse of Hunter’s, Rob Walker, a erstwhile Clinton medication authoritative whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, was Jill Biden’s adjunct erstwhile she was 2nd lady. 

Bobulinski’s opening connection volition not incorporate the identical boilerplate exonerating of Joe that we’ve seen from Walker and different reluctant witnesses earlier the inquiry, specified arsenic Hunter’s CEFC subordinate Mervyn Yan, whose grounds was heavy policed by his pro bono lawyer, Soumya Dayananda, of Willkie Farr & Gallagher, whose past occupation conscionable happened to beryllium elder investigative counsel for the legislature Jan 6. committee.

Tony Bobulinksi

On the wealth trail 

Bobulinski volition beryllium capable to capable successful the gaps wherever Walker stayed silent, pointing to an as-yet undisclosed missive from Hunter to a CEFC apical authoritative successful March 2016 which proves that they were moving for CEFC, utilizing the Biden sanction to further the aims of China’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative, successful the past twelvemonth of Joe’s vice presidency, and deliberately held disconnected being paid until Joe near office, to debar atrocious optics

He volition beryllium capable to laic retired successful forensic item the times helium knows that Joe met with Hunter’s concern partners, some during and aft his vice presidency. He volition bring documents successful which the Chinese talked of their delight astir doing concern with the “B family” and the encrypted messages and emails successful which Joe was referred to either straight oregon successful codification arsenic “the large guy” oregon by Hunter arsenic “my chairman.”

He had a front-row spot to the Bidens’ China grift, which ended abruptly erstwhile CEFC authoritative Patrick Ho was arrested astatine JFK Airport connected bribery charges successful 2017 — portion Hunter was having meal with CEFC president Ye Jianming successful his Manhattan penthouse. Ho’s archetypal telephone from jailhouse was to Jim Biden.

Ye flew to China 4 months aboriginal and was arrested. He hasn’t been seen since. But Hunter knew each astir the past woody Ye was cooking up, China’s $9 cardinal acquisition of a involvement successful Russian authorities lipid elephantine Rosneft, a merger which would person signaled a geopolitical powerfulness displacement to the large detriment of the US. 

Brother Commander Michael Bobulinski, C2 Module Head, Tactical Training Group, Atlantic

The woody fell isolated aft Ho’s apprehension but the implications shocked Bobulinski to the core.

To recognize the value of Bobulinski’s testimony, you request to recognize who helium is.

A erstwhile Naval serviceman and teacher from the elite Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, helium grew up steeped successful American subject honor, successful a household of decorated Navy and Air Force veterans going backmost 3 generations connected some sides.

Born successful the Portsmouth Hospital connected the Norfolk, Va., naval base, helium went to Penn State to survey mechanical engineering connected a wrestling scholarship, wherever helium was squad captain. He graduated with favoritism successful the apical 0.1% of his class, and was instantly recruited by the “Navy Nukes,” the elite of the elites.

His occupation was to bid officers and enlisted students successful the subject and engineering required for the design, operation, and attraction of naval atomic propulsion plants astatine the Nuclear Power Training Command.

Bobulinski’s paternal Grandfather Alex Bobulinski, who served successful the Air Force.

Naval honors 

Lt. Bobulinski’s last appraisal and fittingness study earlier helium near the Navy successful 1999, wherever helium was ranked the No. 1 nonstop input officer, was exemplary. His commanding serviceman described him arsenic “truly an exceptional naval officer: a large leader, unusually productive and ever inspired.” 

He was commended for “Sustained bonzer show [with the] strongest imaginable proposal for . . . aboriginal promotion to lieutenant commander.”

On subject bearing and character, helium was judged an “exemplary typical of the Navy . . . a person successful carnal readiness… Exemplifies Navy halfway values: Honor. Courage. Commitment.”

His maternal gramps Col. Fred Keller.
Father Commander Robert Bobulinski.

Tony Bobulinski, 51, and Hunter Biden, 53, mightiness beryllium adjacent successful age, but the opposition successful their characters could not beryllium much different. 

Hunter, too, had a little and ignominious naval career, aft his begetter pulled strings to get him a waiver to articulation successful 2013, astatine the ripe aged property of 42, and an exemption for a youthful cocaine arrest.

He didn’t adjacent past 1 month. On the archetypal time of his archetypal play of Reserve duty, a random urine trial detected cocaine successful his system.

Hunter told the Navy it wasn’t his fault, that helium had accidentally smoked cocaine-laced cigarettes that random strangers extracurricular a barroom had fixed him the nighttime earlier helium reported for duty. In different enactment of privilege, helium received an administrative alternatively than a dishonorable discharge. 

Bobulinski, a palmy businessman who made capable wealth to discontinue successful his 40s, would similar not to beryllium successful the media spotlight astatine the halfway of the biggest governmental ungraded of our lifetimes.

But for him, this is not astir politics. He feels a work to talk retired astir the nationalist information menace of a president compromised by the unearned riches his household grifted from our astir formidable challenger, China. 

It volition not beryllium hard for the American radical to cognize whose connection to trust, erstwhile Bobulinski contradicts the lies told by the Bidens and their stooges connected Tuesday.

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