Big change coming for millions of Aussie bank customers

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Westpac customers volition present beryllium capable to wage immoderate recognition paper acquisition with points successful what is being touted arsenic an Australian first.

The slope connected Wednesday announced that Altitude Rewards customers could present usage their points towards purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.

The diagnostic tin beryllium enabled with a flick of a fastener connected the Westpac app.

Customers tin prime “pay with points”, allowing them to usage points to marque mundane purchases and person a cashback instantly.

“Pay with Points is each astir putting powerfulness backmost successful our customers’ hands, giving them much convenience and prime and allowing them to usage their points successful ways that suit their manner and preferences,” Westpac main integer serviceman Jason Hair said.

“Our customers person been asking for this and I’m delighted we’ve present delivered it.

“We cognize Aussies are tightening their belts astatine the moment, but opening up the quality to usage points towards mundane purchases gives a small spot of flexibility that we cognize volition beryllium appreciated.”.

Customers tin proceed to redeem points done the accustomed mode for acquisition cards and travel.

Customers indispensable simply person $3 oregon much successful points to marque a purchase.

Points bash not expire and determination is nary bounds connected however galore points tin beryllium utilized successful 1 transaction.

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