Boebert takes part in debate for Colorado's 4th Congressional District seat

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Six candidates vying for the Republican information successful Colorado's 4th Congressional District, a spot vacated earlier this twelvemonth by erstwhile Rep. Ken Buck, took portion successful a statement Wednesday successful Denver. Among them was Rep. Lauren Boebert, who announced successful December that she would beryllium changing districts.

The candidates mostly saw eye-to-eye connected erstwhile President Donald Trump, immigration, clime alteration and national spending, but broke from 1 different connected overseas policy, with Boebert the lone campaigner to reason providing U.S. subject assistance to Ukraine.

"Ukraine is not a NATO state and we person already sent them over- astir $200 cardinal of your taxation dollars. There person been nary audits, we bash not cognize wherever this wealth is going for, it's wholly unaccountable and we proceed to nonstop much wealth there," she said.

All six Republican candidates who volition look connected the ballot debated connected a fig of issues successful a statement hosted by CBS News Colorado and moderated by CBS News Colorado Political Specialist Shaun Boyd on Wednesday.

In summation to Boebert, the different candidates see Deborah Flora, authorities Rep. Richard Holtorf, authorities Rep. Michael Lynch, authorities Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg and Peter Yu.


Not each campaigner was asked each question, and immoderate questions called for a elemental yes oregon nary response, oregon a amusement of hands.

"I present for Colorado," Boebert claimed during her opening statement, successful which she highlighted her acquisition successful Congress. She aboriginal boasted astir her endorsement from Trump.

Holtorf, a cattle rancher and authorities typical whose territory includes Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma Counties, described himself arsenic a "no-nonsense conservative" and a fighter, citing his subject and combat experience.

Lynch, a authorities typical whose territory includes Larimer and Weld Counties, said helium wants to crook his vexation with Congress into enactment if helium were to beryllium elected, honing successful connected the issues of migration and fentanyl.

Flora, a parent, filmmaker and vigor host, attacked Boebert successful her opening statement, saying, "we've seen however Lauren Boebert would correspond us, abandoning her neighbors successful CD3, missing cardinal votes portion chasing cameras and being successful the halfway of D.C. play alternatively of delivering existent solutions for the people." She said she'd absorption connected issues specified arsenic the confederate borderline and the economy.

Sonnenberg, a authorities legislator whose territory includes Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma Counties, highlighted his heavy roots successful Colorado and acquisition successful the authorities location and senate. He boasted astir his enactment skills and acquisition "stop(ping) the wide agenda."

Yu has worked arsenic an enforcement astatine Wyndham Worldwide and HSBC Bank and ran unsuccessfully for Congress successful respective caller elections. He said helium has spent 8 hours per time knocking connected voters' doors and described a politically divided mates helium met who some changed their enactment affiliation owed them having "zero spot successful Congress," which helium said helium would enactment to reconstruct if elected.

CD4 includes a ample information of eastbound Colorado. The territory besides includes Douglas County successful the confederate portion of the Denver metro country and the metropolis of Loveland successful Northern Colorado.

Boebert presently represents Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, which covers astir of occidental and immoderate of confederate Colorado, but she announced precocious past twelvemonth that she was changing districts.

"(Boebert) had to determination from a beauteous bully Republican territory to an overwhelmingly Republican territory successful bid to deliberation she could triumph re-election," CBS Colorado Republican governmental expert Dick Wadhams said.

Colorado's superior predetermination takes spot connected June 25. Ballots in the superior election will beryllium sent retired to voters successful the message adjacent week.

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