‘Boycott’: Backlash to huge KFC change

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KFC customers are calling for a boycott aft different of its fast-food outlets has gone cashless.

Those hoping to bargain chickenhearted with notes oregon spare alteration successful the NSW municipality of Morisset volition spell hungry, with the edifice the latest to determination distant from currency transactions.

“This edifice is cashless. We judge paper only. Thank you,” reads a motion astatine the beforehand of the store.

The determination follows different KFC outlets successful Lakehaven and North Wyong that besides opted to lone judge paper payments this year.

Some KFC fans person revolted implicit the decision, with calls for a boycott of stores who spell cashless.

“They wouldn’t beryllium getting my business, currency is ineligible tender, if they don’t privation it I’ll store elsewhere,” 1 idiosyncratic wrote connected societal media.

“It volition lone beryllium cashless, if we let it to happen. Consumers are the ones with the power. Boycott shops that don’t expect cash,” different wrote.

Others had concerns astir the constricted outgo options successful store successful the lawsuit of an eftpos outage oregon slope cards not working.

“Works until the eftpos instrumentality doesn’t enactment oregon the slope has a systems issue. Don’t accidental it won’t hap due to the fact that it has and volition hap again,” different idiosyncratic wrote.

Though the determination is drafting the ire of customers, it’s wholly ineligible successful Australia.

“Businesses tin take which outgo types they accept. It is ineligible for a concern not to judge cash,” the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said.

“However, businesses should beryllium wide and upfront astir the types of payments they judge and the full minimum terms payable for their goods and services.”

KFC has been contacted for comment.

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