Cadbury hits back at Easter recipe change claims

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Aussies person questioned whether Cadbury has changed the look for its Easter cocoa range, with radical taking to societal media to vent their feelings.

Cadbury has defended it’s Easter cocoa range, denying immoderate changes made to the recipes, aft a fig of customers claimed connected assorted societal media platforms that it tasted different.

“We haven’t received feedback straight and tin corroborate there’s been nary alteration to the recipe,” a spokesperson from Cadbury told

Customers appeared to disagree, with galore taking to societal media to vent their frustrations aft purchasing cocoa bunnies and eggs for friends and family.

TikTok user Ashrhianna was 1 specified idiosyncratic who had a bony to prime implicit Cadbury’s Easter range, saying she knew she wasn’t the lone 1 complaining astir it.

Customers question   Cadbury chocolate

“I cognize everyone is saying Cadbury eggs sensation truly weird this time, but erstwhile we opened up each our Easter bunnies, this is what was each implicit our chocolate,” she said.

An representation of her cocoa showed it was covered successful achromatic markings, astir arsenic though the cocoa was discoloured.

“We stored successful a mean place. Literally each azygous bunny we got we had to spell and ‘meet up with the Easter bunny’ and regenerate the chocolate. Does anyone other deliberation it sensation weird,” she said.

“We couldn’t enactment it out.”

Ashrhianna past addressed the cocoa giant, asking “what they were doing”.

Miles also said she had a “bone to pick” with Cadbury implicit the Cadbury Dairy Milk 24 hunting hollow eggs pursuing the Easter agelong weekend.

“The small ones inactive the same, inactive good. These ones sensation similar trash. They’ve changed the recipe, oregon done thing to the recipe, and they sensation awful,” Miles said.

“They’re not good. They were large past year. This year? Trash, implicit trash. What person you done to these?”

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