‘Cannot go on’: UK seeks to ban common dog breed

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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that American XL Bully dogs volition beryllium banned by the extremity of the twelvemonth pursuing caller attacks.

Making the announcement connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, Sunak stated that helium shared “the nation’s horror” arsenic respective videos of the brutal maulings done by the breed successful caller days.

“Yesterday, we saw different suspected XL Bully canine onslaught which has tragically led to a fatality,” Sunak said.

“It’s wide this is not astir a fistful of severely trained dogs. It’s a signifier of behaviour and it cannot spell on.”

The incidental helium mentioned involved a antheral dying successful Walsall, Staffordshire, aft being mauled by 2 dogs believed to beryllium American XL Bullys.

Both dogs person since died, with 1 fixed an injection by a vet and the different aft being restrained.

He explained that, successful bid to prohibition the breed nether the Dangerous Dogs Act, they request to specify the breed down the onslaught with the assistance of constabulary and experts.

“These dogs are dangerous. I privation to reassure the nationalist that we volition instrumentality each indispensable steps to support radical safe,” helium said.

The announcement has received pushback online, with galore pointing retired that banning the breed wasn’t the occupation Sunak should beryllium focusing on.

“You are intelligibly not a canine proprietor and person nary thought of the unsocial narration and affectional enslaved good, loving owners make with their champion friends. My owe went up £1600 this month. Sort this retired if you privation to beryllium useful,” 1 idiosyncratic tweeted.

“Priorities … bully statement astir dogs. [Just] disregard clime change,” different wrote.

Dangerous Dogs Act

It’s been understood that existing XL bullies wrong the UK volition beryllium fixed amnesty, akin to the Pit Bull prohibition successful 1991.

The state archetypal introduced the Dangerous Dogs Act successful 1991 and banned 4 breeds – Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, the Pit Bull terrier and Fila Brasileiro.

The enactment was made successful effect to a bid of 11 attacks that happened that year, including the horrific mauling of a six-year-old miss successful Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The Dangerous Dogs Act states that outlawed canine breeds are identified by their carnal characteristics, which is determined by a canine authorities officer. Dogs that are banned tin seized by the constabulary and enactment down.

The proprietor tin use for an exemption from court, arsenic agelong arsenic the proprietor tin beryllium that they are a “fit and proper” proprietor and the canine is microchipped and neutered.

Australia’s banned breeds

While Australia is an highly pet-friendly country, we bash person our ain database of banned canine and cats breeds, including mixed breeds.

The canine breeds banned successful Australia are akin to the UK’s, with Pit Bull terriers, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro and Presa Canario banned.

Dogs that show carnal characteristics of the banned breeds are besides prohibited, on with immoderate mixed hybrids of Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Italian wolfdog, Kunming canine and the Saarlos wolfhound.

For cats, the breeds and hybrids banned are the Savannah cat, the Bengal cat, Chausie and the Safari cat.

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