China claims success as lunar probe unfurls flag, collects rock samples

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New images from Odysseus satellite lander released

New images from Odysseus satellite lander released 19:06

Beijing — China said its lunar spacecraft unfurled the country's reddish and golden emblem for the archetypal clip connected the acold broadside of the satellite earlier portion of the conveyance blasted disconnected aboriginal Tuesday with stone and ungraded samples to bring backmost to Earth. The ngo was hailed arsenic a occurrence successful China, which has made important advances successful a abstraction programme that aims to enactment a idiosyncratic connected the satellite earlier the extremity of this decade.

The Chang'e-6 probe was launched past month and its lander touched down connected the acold broadside of the satellite Sunday. Its ascender lifted disconnected Tuesday greeting astatine 7:38 a.m. Beijing time, with its motor burning for astir six minutes arsenic it entered a preset orbit astir the moon, the China National Space Administration said.

The bureau said the spacecraft withstood a precocious somesthesia trial connected the lunar surface, and acquired the samples utilizing some drilling and aboveground postulation earlier stowing them successful a instrumentality wrong the ascender of the probe arsenic planned.

The instrumentality volition beryllium transferred to a reentry capsule that is owed to instrumentality to Earth successful the deserts of China's Inner Mongolia portion astir June 25.

china-chang-e6-lunar-probe-graphic.jpg An representation taken from a video animation aired connected June 4, 2024 by China's authorities tv web CCTV shows an artist's depiction of the Chang'e 6 lunar probe's ascender module, carrying stone and ungraded samples from the acold broadside of the moon, leaving the lunar aboveground to caput backmost to Earth. Reuters/CCTV

The tiny flag, which the bureau said was made of peculiar composite materials, emerged connected a retractable limb deployed from the broadside of the lunar lander and was not placed onto the lunar soil, according to an animation of the ngo released by the agency.

"Mission accomplished!" Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying wrote connected X. "An unprecedented feat successful quality lunar exploration history!"

Missions to the moon's acold broadside are much hard due to the fact that it doesn't look the Earth, requiring a relay outer to support communications. The terrain is besides much rugged, with less level areas to land.

Xinhua said the probe's landing tract was the South Pole-Aitken Basin, an interaction crater created much than 4 cardinal years agone that is 8 miles heavy and has a diameter of 1,500 miles.

It is the oldest and largest of specified craters connected the moon, truthful whitethorn supply the earliest accusation astir it, Xinhua said, adding that the immense interaction whitethorn person ejected materials from heavy beneath the surface.

The ngo is the sixth successful the Chang'e satellite exploration program, which is named aft a Chinese satellite goddess. It is the 2nd designed to bring backmost samples, pursuing the Chang'e 5, which did truthful from the adjacent broadside successful 2020.

China Space A Jan. 12, 2019 record photograph provided by the China National Space Administration via Xinhua News Agency shows the lunar lander of the Chang'e-4 probe successful a photograph taken by the rover Yutu-2, connected Jan. 11. China National Space Administration/Xinhua News Agency via AP

The satellite programme is portion of a increasing rivalry with the U.S. — inactive the person successful abstraction exploration — and others, including Japan and India. China presently has a three-member crew on its ain abstraction presumption orbiting the Earth, and it aims to enactment astronauts connected the satellite by 2030. Three much Chinese lunar probe missions are planned implicit the adjacent 4 years.  

If China manages to enactment a idiosyncratic connected the satellite it would marque it the 2nd federation aft the United States to bash so. America is readying to onshore astronauts connected the satellite again — for the archetypal clip successful much than 50 years — though NASA pushed the people day backmost to 2026 earlier this year.

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