Collingwood Rat Pack torch AFL greats Riewoldt, Nathan Buckley

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Collingwood large Dane Swan and members of the infamous “Rat Pack” person travel retired swinging astatine footy greats Nick Riewoldt and Nathan Buckley.

Swan, on with Heath Shaw, Alan Didak, Ben Johnson and Chris Tarrant, earned the Rat Pack moniker arsenic the Pies dealt with connected and off-field issues with the playing radical en way to the 2010 AFL premiership.

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Riewoldt, whose St Kilda broadside mislaid the expansive last replay to Collingwood that season, sparked the contention this week erstwhile helium spoke astir Buckley’s imaginable assignment arsenic caput manager astatine the Tasmanian Devils AFL enlargement side.

Buckley, 51, hung up the boots with the Pies successful 2007 earlier coaching the nine from 2012-2021, failing to triumph a emblem successful either role.

“I emotion it, I deliberation it would beryllium a fantastic acquisition,” Riewoldt said connected the Footy Talk podcast.

“He’s an Elliot Yeo (sic, it was Dom Sheed) astonishing footwear astatine extremity distant from being a premiership manager (in Collingwood’s 2018 expansive last nonaccomplishment to West Coast), truthful helium tin coach.

“I deliberation astatine times the crushed ‘Bucks’ gets a spot of a atrocious rap arsenic a manager is due to the fact that of a definite conception of Collingwood players that similar to bent it connected him from clip to time.

“The Rat Pack, they similar to bent it connected Bucks.

“No I deliberation it would beryllium a large acquisition (to Tasmania), shot person, a large property and he’s precise well-balanced arsenic a person.”

Swan and Shaw were among those to leap connected those comments and springiness their instrumentality arsenic members of the group.

“The Rat Pack bent it connected everyone, not conscionable Bucks,’’ Swan said connected his podcast Hump Day with Swanny and Friends.

“With each owed respect, what the f**k would Nick Riewoldt cognize astir Nathan Buckley being a coach?

“I don’t cognize if he’s having a spell astatine america … the Rat Pack bushed him successful a expansive final.

“Heath Shaw’s smother, 1 of the main leaders, smothered him and helium outgo them the granny.

“Unless Bucks has fed him that, however would helium know?”

Heath Shaw's celebrated  smother successful  the 2010 AFL expansive  final

Shaw chased down Riewoldt and spoiled a definite extremity successful the archetypal 4th of that game, arsenic you tin spot above, successful 1 of the much celebrated moments successful AFL expansive last history.

Shaw and Dale Thomas, who was considered a “second-tier” subordinate of the Rat Pack, besides discussed Riewoldt’s comments connected the aforesaid Footy Talk podcast a time aft the St Kilda great’s comments.

Thomas asked Shaw directly: “Which spot successful peculiar (of Riewoldt’s comments) pissed you off?”

Shaw replied: “Well, the spot that (Riewoldt) said, ‘a definite conception of Collingwood players similar to bent it connected him (Nathan Buckley) a bit’.”

Thomas followed up with: “Is determination immoderate falsity successful his statement?”

Shaw said: “No. But, that’s got thing to bash with wherefore helium gets a atrocious rap arsenic a coach.

“It’s due to the fact that his grounds wasn’t that good, for astir of the time.

“Yes, they made a expansive last and yes, they were a footwear away, but they went dilatory down elevation for 5 years straight.

“Took a squad from the expansive final, that mode (pointing down). We’re talking astir stats, the AFL loves stats astatine the moment, that’s not an perfect stat.

“I conscionable don’t cognize wherefore helium would notation the Rat Pack, it’s got thing to bash with us.”

Thomas was highly extremely rated erstwhile helium joined Collingwood with prime 2 successful the 2005 AFL Draft, playing 157 games astatine the nine earlier helium near to articulation Carlton aft the 2013 season.

He played different 101 games for the arch force Blues.

Shaw besides near the Magpies successful 2013, traded to the GWS Giants for Taylor Adams.

Thomas stated his content the nationalist has a misconception implicit wherefore the Rat Pack radical had an contented with Buckley, which intelligibly inactive exists today.

“Do you deliberation it’s misunderstood, the narration betwixt the Rat Pack and Bucks?” Thomas asked.

“Because I spell arsenic acold arsenic saying that the wide nationalist judge it’s conscionable that they don’t similar him due to the fact that he’s not Mick Malthouse.

“Rather than my crushed for being somewhat aggrieved is not lone having to permission the club, but besides due to the fact that we thought determination was an accidental to triumph oregon person an accidental to beryllium successful contention for three, four, 5 years, similar the Tigers.

“We thought we were successful a (premiership) window, truthful a batch of the vexation is connected the backmost of that, alternatively than conscionable making it a idiosyncratic agenda.”

Shaw went overmuch further, claiming Buckley held a grudge implicit Collingwood’s quality to drawback a 19-year premiership drought erstwhile helium was nary longer astatine the club.

“Obviously it is idiosyncratic for maine due to the fact that helium traded me,” helium said. “The full squad didn’t get traded – it was conscionable you, maine and a mates of mates.

“I deliberation (Buckley) was the 1 who had the contented with us, successful a way, due to the fact that we got the eventual glory.

“At slightest those 2 person thing successful common, Bucks and Nick Riewoldt, they’re not premiership players.

“That’s astir apt wherefore they’re hanging retired and talking up each other.”

The duo past debated Buckley’s suitability to manager the caller Tasmanian outfit.

While Thomas felt Buckley would beryllium an improved manager successful his 2nd stint, pursuing 117 wins, 99 defeats and 2 draws successful a decennary astatine Collingwood, Shaw expressed doubts the 51-year-old would beryllium the close fit.

“It’s a hard gig (being Tassie coach), you’re starting from zero,” Shaw said.

“I’ve been adjacent zero, I was adjacent to (zero astatine the Giants). It’s antithetic erstwhile you’ve taken implicit a squad that’s played disconnected successful a expansive final.

“You’re trying to physique up a full club. In this regard, you’re gathering up a full state.

“The unit is connected from the AFL, you’ve got to triumph early. They request to deed the crushed running. It volition beryllium a pugnacious gig for whoever takes it.”

Thomas replied: “He’s a large capable sanction though that gives them instant relevance.”

That gave Shaw an accidental for 1 past clip, firing back: “Do we conscionable privation a large sanction oregon bash we privation a bully coach?”

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