Credit card companies move ahead with code to track gun store purchases in California

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Major recognition paper companies are moving to marque a merchant codification disposable for firearm and ammunition retailers successful bid to comply with a caller California instrumentality that volition let banks to perchance way suspicious weapon purchases and study them to instrumentality enforcement, CBS News has learned.

Retailers are assigned merchant codes based connected the types of goods they sell, and the codes let banks and recognition paper companies to observe acquisition patterns. Currently weapon shops are lumped successful with different types of retailers, specified arsenic sporting goods stores. 

Mastercard, Visa and American Express initially agreed to instrumentality a standalone codification for firearm sellers, but aboriginal paused their enactment connected it after receiving blowback from Second Amendment advocates acrophobic tracking weapon purchases would infringe connected the rights of ineligible weapon owners.

Gun power activists anticipation the code, approved by an planetary enactment successful 2022, tin beryllium utilized arsenic a instrumentality to assistance place fishy purchases and, consequently, halt weapon crime, including wide shootings. Proponents accidental a codification for firearms merchants would let banks and recognition unions to alert instrumentality enforcement of perchance suspicious purchasing patterns successful the aforesaid mode they already emblem different types of transactions, specified arsenic those that suggest individuality theft oregon violent financing. 

While a merchant codification for standalone firearm and ammunition sellers would output information that shows a transaction was made astatine a weapon store, the recognition paper companies accidental the codification would not supply details astir the lawsuit oregon penetration into idiosyncratic items that were purchased.

At slightest 7 Republican-controlled authorities legislatures person banned the codification portion 9 different legislatures are considering akin legislation. However, heavy bluish California passed a instrumentality requiring retailers that chiefly merchantability firearms to follow it by May 2025.  

Last month, executives from Mastercard, Visa, and American Express each wrote to legislature Democrats assuring them the codification would beryllium disposable to retailers successful California by that deadline, according to documents obtained by CBS News. 

"The applicable standalone merchants successful California chiefly engaged successful the merchantability of firearms volition beryllium required to utilize the code," wrote Mastercard enforcement Tucker Foote.

The letters from recognition paper executives bespeak the tricky governmental waters the companies find themselves in. 

"With respect to the [firearm merchant code], determination continues to beryllium a tremendous magnitude of regulatory and legislative uncertainty," wrote Visa elder vice president, Robert B. Thomson, III, adding that the institution volition endeavor to comply with the requirements successful California. "Given the conflicting authorities laws connected this taxable and the likelihood that different states volition enact authorities to either restrict oregon mandate the code, our implementation intermission remains successful effect." 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat said successful a statement, "It's a commencement that recognition paper companies person committed to comply with the [merchant code] instrumentality successful California, but we request implementation crossed the state if we're going to bash everything we tin to forestall weapon violence."

"The sooner recognition paper companies and banks statesman utilizing the caller [merchant code] for weapon retailers and tracking suspicious weapon purchases, the much wide shootings we volition person a changeable astatine preventing earlier they occur," Warren added.

Advocates for weapon unit prevention proceed to propulsion for the code's implementation contempt efforts by states to stymie it.  A caller study from Guns Down America calls for national authorities to resoluteness the struggle betwixt states and argues the codification could forestall unit stemming from cases of straw purchases, weapon trafficking, and wide casualty events. 

The study cites 8 wide shootings that they accidental could person been prevented, including the Aurora, Colorado, movie theatre shooting, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting successful Orlando, Florida, due to the fact that each perpetrator utilized recognition cards to acquisition ample arsenals successful a abbreviated play of time. 

"If a strategy for collecting and flagging suspicious weapon and ammunition income had been successful spot implicit the past 15 years, instrumentality enforcement officials would person had the accidental to perchance intervene and forestall aggregate wide shootings," the study says. 

Hudson Munoz, the enforcement manager of Guns Down America, said the recognition paper companies' attempts to "stay neutral connected this issue" risks "uninhibited transgression maltreatment of the outgo system." The enactment is calling connected the companies to marque the weapon store codification disposable successful each authorities wherever it has not been banned. 

Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan is an award-winning newsman and shaper for the CBS News investigative unit. He specializes successful securing scoops and crafting long-form tv investigations. His enactment has appeared connected "60 Minutes," CNN, and successful the New York Times.

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