Daniel Johns hits out: ‘Unhelpful speculation’

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Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has deed backmost amid speculation implicit the origin of an ABC documentary featuring his 2 ex-bandmates being pulled from streaming.

Last week, reports emerged that Australian Storyhad been forced to instrumentality down the archetypal fractional of its diagnostic communicative connected the iconic set from ABC iView owed to “rights issues”.

A Silver Lining Part One tells the communicative of Silverchair’s emergence to stardom and the puerility friendships down the band, fixed from the position of Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou.

Johns did not enactment successful the documentary.

The ABC two-part bid coincides with the September 27 merchandise of the duo’s memoir, Love and Pain.

Following the play regarding portion 1 being pulled, Johns, 44, shared a connection connected Instagram connected Sunday nighttime providing his broadside of the story, and calling for an extremity to the “unhelpful speculation.”

“I would person preferred to accidental thing but present are the facts,” helium began successful his lengthy post.

“Australian Story reached retired to maine via my squad ‘as a courtesy’ connected August 11 to fto maine cognize that they were doing a communicative connected [Gillies] and [Joannou].

“I was and stay incredibly supportive of them telling their story.

“I was asked astatine the extremity of filming to beryllium interviewed astir their publication to the set and though I wished them each the best, I respectfully declined for 1 reason.

“I haven’t been progressive successful the publication nor americium I alert of the contents. I’ve been asked connected galore occasions to work the publication but haven’t been sent a copy, consequently I was uncomfortable being interviewed to assistance beforehand it.

“I was aboriginal asked by [ABC] via Silverchair’s statement [Sony Music Australia] to wide 7 songs for iView (most of which were composed solely by me) to soundtrack a 2 occurrence series.

“One peculiar usage related to Ana’s Song being featured arsenic they discussed my conflict with anorexia.

“I said to Sony and ABC that I would beryllium unfastened to approving each songs provided I received a transcript of the publication to guarantee I wasn’t having my songs utilized to beforehand thing I had nary visibility on.

“I was told again that Ben & Chris would not springiness maine a transcript to read. That’s wherefore the iView usage was denied.

“[Leigh Sales] posted connected Sept 12 that the Australian Story would not beryllium disposable connected iview owed to ‘rights issues’, she aboriginal deleted this station and ABC proceeded to diagnostic the communicative connected iView without a licence successful place.

“Sony reached retired to them to instrumentality it down, it took ABC 3 days to region it astatine which constituent astir radical had already viewed the story.

“I’ve besides been affected by Silverchair rights not being approved, I re-recorded my ain compositions for galore applications including my podcast due to the fact that the recordings were denied by different set member.

“As always, I privation Ben & Chris thing but occurrence and happiness. I person ne'er sought to artifact their book, I simply asked to person a transcript successful beforehand to fact-check it. I was acrophobic astir my idiosyncratic wellness records being discussed, I don’t deliberation that’s unreasonable.

“Everyone is tagged, if I’ve got it incorrect delight supply the grounds oregon kindly delight halt the unhelpful speculation.”

ABC said successful a connection to news.com.au:

Australian Story approached Daniel Johns for an interrogation during filming of ‘A Silver Lining’ and helium declined to instrumentality part. The doorway is ever unfastened to him to look connected Australian Story.

“We negotiated with Sony Music to licence the usage of Silverchair’s euphony video clips successful the programme for broadcast and for ABC iview. Each set members’ support was required. While Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou approved the use, Daniel Johns said helium would lone o.k. if helium had entree to an beforehand transcript of their book, which was not a determination for the ABC oregon Australian Story.

“We made 2 versions of the program, 1 for broadcast TV with video clips and 1 for ABC iview which contained nary clips but lone music. Because Sony has queried this the ABC has since taken down portion 1 from ABC iview and is reviewing its position.”

A blurb connected the book’s beforehand screen teases that it volition archer “the singular communicative of Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou, 2 teenagers who grew up successful Silverchair, 1 of Australia’s top stone bands.”

Johns is pictured connected the beforehand cover, successful a photograph of the trio successful their mid-90s fame arsenic teenage stone stars.

Silverchair released 5 workplace albums and sold much than 10 cardinal albums worldwide earlier they announced an “indefinite hiatus” successful 2011. Since then, relations betwixt Johns and his erstwhile bandmates person disintegrated, with the vocalist telling The Project past twelvemonth that “bitterness, jealousy, anger,” led to the band’s dissolution.

The selling worldly for the publication promises it volition present “funny, unforgettable stone ‘n’ rotation stories, on with each the emotion and symptom that came with being successful the band.

“So overmuch has been written astir Silverchair implicit the years but precise small has been said by the band’s members. In Love & Pain, puerility friends Ben Gillies (drummer) and Chris Joannou (bass player) archer america the tales that Silverchair’s fans person ne'er heard, astir however the set started, however they worked unneurotic and however they ended up.”

Johns didn’t clasp backmost successful past year’s Project interrogation erstwhile asked astir his erstwhile bandmates.

“I don’t person immoderate atrocious feelings, but I know. I cognize bitterness and I cognize jealousy,” helium told interviewer Carrie Bickmore.

“One of the guys successful peculiar has taken a existent shining to kicking maine portion I was down and portion I was successful rehab and stuff. Saying I was exploiting intelligence wellness to merchantability records oregon thing on those lines.”

Johns said helium felt Gillies was peculiarly jealous of his occurrence beyond the band.

“They’ve not shown maine immoderate respect. Me and Chris person a precise passive relationship,” helium said.

“Ben, for immoderate crushed has a existent contented with maine being palmy without him. That’s bittersweet due to the fact that I privation him each the champion honestly, but unluckily helium doesn’t privation maine to subdivision out.”

Johns opened up with his communicative successful the fashionable 2021 podcast bid Who Is Daniel Johns?, revealing that his bandmates felt “abandoned” by his determination to discontinue Silverchair to prosecute different projects.

“I wanted to stay friends, but I didn’t privation to stay successful that band,” helium said.

“Unfortunately, they thought it was 1 oregon the different … We’ve ne'er truly healed. I don’t dislike them and they don’t dislike me, but it’s truly awkward and truly hard to mend that bridge.”

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