Daniel Ricciardo comes clean on Formula 1 knifing rumour

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Daniel Ricciardo has travel cleanable connected Formula 1 knifing rumours.

The 34-year-old Aussie has recovered himself nether the spotlight erstwhile again aft a lacklustre commencement to the 2024 season.

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It’s an eerily akin concern to the 1 F1 rookie Nyck de Vries faced past play with AlphaTauri erstwhile helium struggled to impressment successful his debut season.

Ultimately helium was fto spell by the squad and was replaced by Ricciardo who had joined Red Bull arsenic a reserve operator aft being axed 1 play aboriginal from McLaren.

Ricciardo has present travel cleanable and rubbished suggestions helium had pressed the squad to marque the determination and get him into de Vries’ seat.

“I didn’t enactment unit connected Red Bull. I ne'er said that they had to regenerate Nyck with me. I thought if it has to beryllium this way, it volition beryllium this way,” helium told Viaplay.

“I thought, ‘I’ll conscionable support preparing successful the simulator and bash each the different things to amusement that I’m getting backmost up to standard. If they telephone maine I’ll beryllium ready. If they don’t call, I’ll usage this clip to enactment myself.’

“When I did get the call, it was earlier than I expected. That was surprising, but you don’t crook down an accidental similar that.”

The eight-time Grand Prix victor present finds himself successful the aforesaid concern de Vries faced successful 2023 with the Aussie reportedly fixed a two-race ultimatum to perform.

“Should Ricciardo neglect to amended implicit the adjacent 2 Grand Prix successful Japan and China respectively, Red Bull volition execute a swap that sees Lawson apt installed successful the Racing Bulls spot for Miami and stay with the squad for the remainder of the season,” the New Zealand Herald study stated.

However, Planet F1 reported that Ricciardo “is successful nary information of losing his seat”.

New Zealand wunderkind Liam Lawson is waiting successful the wings, but his absorption squad came guardant to accidental Red Bull person not advised the youngster of immoderate specified move.

Those who person been astir F1 for a portion cognize the rumour mill is successful changeless action, but that besides teams volition contradict and contradict until they propulsion the trigger.

Daniel Ricciardo hazard  of F1 exile

But for Ricciardo, the talk is conscionable that for present and overmuch much pressing is turning his play around.

“In presumption of the noise, radical archer maine similar successful the media, they’re like, ‘Oh, truthful and truthful said’ – it’s the archetypal I’ve heard,” Ricciardo told Motorsport.com.

“It’s evidently nary disrespect to (the media), but I cognize that I’m connected this small process oregon travel astatine the infinitesimal and I conscionable request to absorption connected myself.

“If I fto immoderate of the sound in, it’s going to benignant of distract maine from the way I’m on.

“I haven’t fto immoderate of that antagonistic worldly creep in.”

The play began with specified optimism for Ricciardo, who was looking to property for the spot helium erstwhile held successful the Red Bull squad with unit enactment connected Sergio Perez.

But successful 3 races helium has failed to registry a constituent and has been a agelong mode down teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

The Japanese Grand Prix volition instrumentality spot connected Sunday, April 7 from 3pm (AEDT).

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