‘Disrespectful’: Coach hits back at Bennett claims

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Interim South Sydney manager Ben Hornby says it’s “a small spot disrespectful” to perceive radical accidental that Wayne Bennett is down South Sydney’s finals complaint up of their showdown with the Dolphins connected Thursday night.

The maestro manager volition instrumentality to the nine adjacent year, which has led to claims that Bennett has been secretly pulling the strings successful caller weeks, but Rabbitohs players insists Hornby has his fingerprints each implicit their turnaround.

Hornby took implicit from Jason Demetriou astatine a clip erstwhile it looked similar Souths would decorativeness with the woody spoon, but they’re present conscionable 2 points extracurricular the apical 8 connected the backmost of five-straight wins.

“I find it a small spot disrespectful,” Hornby said of the Bennett rumours.

“Not conscionable to maine but everyone present that is doing a large job, the players included.

“We talked regularly earlier I took over, we’ve been talking regularly for much than 10 years.

“So thing has truly changed there. He’s concentrating connected his team, I americium concentrating connected mine.”

Bennett besides weighed successful connected the rumours during his play property league arsenic the Dolphins look to solidify their spot successful the apical eight.

“I americium not doing precise overmuch astatine Souths astatine all. I haven’t been adjacent the club. I haven’t been adjacent anybody,” helium said.

“I person got a woody done. We did the woody and I americium coaching the Dolphins. That is my precedence and they person got a nine to tally this year.

“They person got bully radical successful determination and they person turned their play around.

“That is however it works. It can’t enactment immoderate different way. I can’t beryllium trying to tally 2 clubs. That doesn’t work. I person been precise committed to here.

“I person done this six oregon 7 times successful my career, truthful it is not a challenge. It is casual to do.”

Rabbitohs players are alert of the rumours, with prima playmaker Cody Walker praising Hornby for what he’s achieved nether hard circumstances.

“I extremity my chapeau to Ben and what he’s been capable to bash for the squad implicit the past mates of weeks since helium took over,” helium said.

“He’s been unreal, and I don’t deliberation helium gets the recognition that helium deserves. He astir apt doesn’t adjacent privation to perceive it.

“He conscionable wants to spot america amended each and each week, and that’s what we’ve been capable to do.”

Try-scoring instrumentality Alex Johnston doesn’t cognize wherever the Bennett rumours person travel from, revealing helium hasn’t spoken to the antheral who took them to a expansive last successful 2021.

“It’s bully to springiness Benny a outcry retired due to the fact that everyone has been saying successful the media – I don’t cognize if they’re made-up stories – that Wayne’s been coaching,” the winger said.

“He (Hornby) needs to get the recognition helium deserves. The sides that he’s picked person been great. I cognize radical are suggesting it’s Wayne (picking the team), but erstwhile you talk to Benny, he’s similar ‘I request immoderate credit’.

“He’s done an awesome occupation and I’ve loved the stint nether him.”

The Rabbitohs tin support their improbable finals complaint live if they tin bushed the Dolphins, but they’ll person to bash it without inspirational fullback Latrell Mitchell, who is expected to walk a period successful a satellite footwear arsenic helium deals with a ft injury.

There were fears Mitchell would miss the remainder of the play aft helium got wounded during past week’s triumph implicit the Eels, but a specializer told him helium didn’t request surgery, which means helium could beryllium backmost if further scans wide him of lingering damage.

The speedy Jye Gray volition regenerate him astatine fullback, with the nine hopeful Mitchell volition beryllium backmost adjacent month.

“He is disappointed but successful bully spirits,” Hornby said.

“He doesn’t consciousness similar it is excessively sore astatine the moment, truthful that is keeping him a spot much upbeat than if it was wholly gone.

“We surely anticipation (he tin debar surgery). We can’t foretell that, and I’m not a doctor. We’ll spot however the scan goes successful 4 weeks’ time.”

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