Dream Home winners’ surprise plan for $100k

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The winners of Channel 7’s caller renovation show, Dream Home, person revealed what they program to bash with their monolithic $100,000 currency prize.

Queensland-based brothers Rhys and Liam Almond unveiled their unthinkable tropical backyard inheritance during the finale connected Tuesday night, scoring an awesome 37.5 retired of 40 from the judges.

Speaking to 7news.com.au successful the aftermath of their triumph, the brace explained that they were readying to proceed their renovation streak with a brand-new project.

“We’re looking to merchantability our existent renovated location connected the [Sunshine] Coast to bargain a caller renovation project, and I’m readying to walk immoderate much-needed household clip without the accent of bringing successful immoderate income for a small while,” Rhys said.

Liam added: “We’d similar to find different reno (renovation) task and besides conscionable focusing connected our adjacent milestones successful life, similar getting joined and having different baby.”

Rhys besides described the wealth arsenic “life-changing”.

“Taking $100,000 disconnected my owe is going to beryllium life-changing for myself and my family,” Rhys said of the prize money.

“That means the satellite to me.”

The judges were gushing successful their praise of the brothers’ enactment during the inaugural play of Seven’s caller series.

“Boys, I felt similar I’d stepped into a implicit oasis. You perfectly created a tropical imagination retired there, cleanable for a Queensland setting,” Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations described it.

Buyers’ cause Simon Cohen added that the “whole abstracted surviving area” was “a monolithic tick for immoderate household home,” portion interior decorator Rosie Morley told them the layout each “worked successful harmony”.

Rosie loved the pavilion’s standard successful narration to the home, saying it each “worked successful harmony”.

It comes aft 3 teams were eliminated during the semi-final the nighttime earlier – Brad and Mel, Hannah and Jonny, and Jacinta and Jordan – aft they failed to execute precocious capable scores for the last episode.

The 3 teams that accumulated the highest scores passim the play and made it to the last were Lara and Peter, Taeler and Elle and Rhys and Liam.

One last situation – the coveted backyard transformations – remained, and portion each the teams delivered immoderate awesome results, successful the extremity lone 1 brace could instrumentality location the $100,000 prize.

Lara and Peter worked tirelessly to widen their Mediterranean-style interiors into their backyard and adhd a excavation for their children.

Before the winners were announced, presenter Dr Chris Brown revealed the judges wouldn’t beryllium the lone ones picking the winner, and that this year’s failed teams would besides beryllium casting their votes alongside the judges.

As the scores were unveiled, it was revealed that Taeller and Elly had scored a full of 31/40 to onshore successful 3rd place. It was past down to Lara and Peter and Rhys and Liam to conflict it retired for the win. In the extremity it was Rhys and Liam who tipped the scales with 37.5 compared to Lara and Peter’s 37.

Speaking of their win, Rhys gushed: “Liam and I enactment everything into this. And it’s each paid off. It’s gonna beryllium life-changing and it means the satellite to me.”

“Can’t judge that we did it,” yelled Liam arsenic the formed grouped astir the brace to observe with them.

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