Erin Molan was outraged over a comment from Dave Hughes

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2Day FM meal big Erin Molan was stunned into soundlessness connected vigor this greeting erstwhile she discovered what her co-host, Dave Hughes, had said astir her successful an interview.

Hughesy was a impermanent connected a caller occurrence of’s Shock Jocks, wherever vigor hosts are fixed the prime of answering pugnacious questions oregon being ‘electrocuted’.

During that interview, Hughesy was asked to sanction Molan’s astir annoying habit.

He replied: “That’s a agelong list. I can’t constrictive it down. I’ll instrumentality the (electric) shock, lone due to the fact that it wouldn’t beryllium just to each the different annoying habits to prime conscionable one.”

Molan was unaware of Hughesy’s remark until her 2Day FM meal co-host, Ed Kavalee, played the audio from the Shock Jocks interrogation connected aerial this morning.

It did not spell down well, with Molan remaining soundless aft the audio aired.

“What’s happening?” asked Hughesy.

“Well, Erin’s pausing,” Kavalee responded.

“Erin, don’t ace it,” Hughesy pleaded.

The comedian tried to rotation his mode retired of trouble, telling Molan: “I took the electrical daze (in the interview) alternatively than marque Erin consciousness bad. It was a truly selfless enactment by me”.

But Molan wasn’t buying it.

“Sorry, you’ve conscionable said to a monolithic assemblage that it wouldn’t beryllium just connected each the remainder of my atrocious habits conscionable to sanction one, due to the fact that there’s truthful many, and you’re saying that effect is not meant to marque maine consciousness bad?!”

Molan continued: “I’d alternatively you sanction them than radical deliberation they’re worse than they are.”

She past asked Hughesy to beryllium “brutally honest” and to sanction her annoying habits.

Hughesy agreed, reluctantly, telling his co-host that her astir annoying wont is “needing changeless reassurance astir however charismatic you are”.

“You’re evidently attractive,” helium said. “You’re evidently beautiful. But you should not request immoderate reassurance astir that.”

Molan seemed shocked by the comment, telling her co-hosts: “I’m really truly embarrassed. I don’t request changeless reassurance astir however I look!”

The conception ended with Molan vowing to get revenge connected Hughesy by appearing connected Shock Jocks successful the not excessively distant future, wherever she volition nary uncertainty uncover immoderate alternatively juicy tidbits astir her co-host.

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