Euro 2024: Germany satisfied with security at first matches

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Germany's Interior Ministry said it was satisfied with the information concern implicit the archetypal play of the Euro 2024 championship.

"The information measures are working," Interior Ministry spokesperson Maximilian Kall said connected Monday.

He said that "so far, determination person been nary astonishing events."

However, incidents did hap distant from the pitch. In Saxony-Anhalt, constabulary changeable a antheral who fatally stabbed a guest astatine a viewing party. In Hamburg, police also changeable a antheral wielding a hammer adjacent wherever Dutch shot fans were gathering, though authorities dismissed immoderate transportation to the Euros.

Police respond to Serbia-England clash

Kall nevertheless pointed to an isolated incidental of unit betwixt England and Serbia fans up of their lucifer connected Sunday.

"Of people determination were incidents astatine the weekend, for illustration ... with hooligans yesterday successful Gelsenkirchen, but that was a concern the constabulary determination tackled rapidly and supra each were prepared for," Kall said.

Police said a radical of Serbia supporters were eating astatine a edifice erstwhile a radical of England fans tried to get in.

Footage posted to societal media showed men throwing chairs astatine each different extracurricular the restaurant, which was decorated with Serbian flags.

Police extracurricular  a edifice  successful  GelsenkirchenHooligans clashed astatine a edifice earlier the England v Serbia successful GelsenkirchenImage: K. Hoeft/frontalvision/picture alliance

Senior Gelsenkirchen constabulary authoritative Peter Both told reporters that 7 Serbia fans and 1 England instrumentality were detained.

He added that 1 instrumentality was taken to infirmary with a caput injury, but helium aboriginal discharged himself successful bid to ticker the game.

On Monday, an England fans' radical called for an "urgent and thorough" reappraisal of transport arrangements aft spectators faced delays getting location aft the match.

"To spot fans stranded successful Gelsenkirchen Hauptbahnhof (central station) 3 hours aft the crippled has finished owed to transport problems astatine a large tourney is rather simply ridiculous," the Free Lions Fan Embassy said.

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