Euros 2024: Germany closes fan zones ahead of majors storms

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Authorities successful Germany person closed a fig of Euro 2024 instrumentality zones owed to terrible upwind warnings connected Tuesday.

Severe thunderstorms, hail of up to 5 centimeters successful diameter, and gale-force winds were forecast for parts of occidental and cardinal Germany.

The German Weather Service said that tornadoes were besides possible.

The determination affects venues acceptable up for Tuesday's lucifer betwixt Turkey and Georgia successful Dortmund arsenic good arsenic instrumentality zones successful Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Gelsenkirchen.

"Safety of the visitors is the apical priority," said Moritz van Duelmen from Kulturprojekt Berlin.

The instrumentality portion successful Leipzig, wherever the day's different lucifer betwixt Portugal and the Czech Republic volition beryllium held, is acceptable to stay open.

A closed Euro 2024 instrumentality   portion    successful  DortmundTwo instrumentality zones successful Dortmund were closed up of the lucifer betwixt Turkey and GeorgiaImage: Christoph Reichwein/dpa/picture alliance

Fan events canceled for Dortmund match

In Dortmund, up to 80,000 Turkish fans were expected to battalion the instrumentality zones astatine Friedensplatz and Westfalenpark to ticker their nationalist squad vie against Georgia.

But owed to the upwind warning, city authorities said instrumentality events extracurricular the stadium "cannot beryllium held safely."

Authorities asked fans without a summons to the lucifer to alternatively ticker from home.

"Dortmund has been looking guardant to and preparing for a large instrumentality enactment with tens of thousands of Turkish and Georgian fans successful the city. However, the information of the fans successful our metropolis is our priority," said Martin Sauer, Dortmund's typical for Euro 2024.

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