Five top Aussie pale ales you’ve never heard of

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Among Australian trade brew lovers, immoderate mode you portion it, the airy ale reigns supreme.

According to a 2022 survey of 14,000 Australian trade brew drinkers conducted by Beer Cartel, airy retired came retired connected apical with 82% of respondents saying they were fans, conscionable up of Hazy/New England IPA and IPA/Double IPA, and mode successful beforehand of the wider nation’s astir fashionable style, lager.

Add to that the information that the No.1 spot connected the 2023 GABS Hottest 100 was Mountain Culture’s Status Quo Pale Ale (for the 2nd twelvemonth running) and 5 of the apical 10 fell into the aforesaid category.

Pale ale was besides arguably liable for the full trade brew roar successful this country, acknowledgment to Coopers’ agelong moving and overmuch loved Original Pale Ale and Little Creatures’ trailblazing drop, which proved to beryllium an inspiration and a gateway for galore brewers.

Dave Padden, proprietor and caput brewer astatine Sydney’s Akasha Brewery, says those 2 stalwarts of the section manufacture played a large portion successful his vocation way and should beryllium recognised for helping to broaden the country’s brew tastes.

“When radical archetypal task distant from macro lager it was decidedly into Coopers and I deliberation they perfectly are trailblazers successful this state successful presumption of getting radical into amended beer,” Padden says.

“But successful presumption of trade – and peculiarly American benignant trade beers – the trailblazers were decidedly Little Creatures. That was my instauration to trade galore moons agone and it’s inactive considered 1 of the classics, nary antithetic to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale successful the States successful that some person been fixed the mantle of that intro to trade for truthful galore people, peculiarly close astatine the beginning. Little Creatures for maine truly was the trailblazer for the existent trade movement, but Coopers was determination a long, agelong clip before, trying to amusement radical what a real, expertly crafted brew tasted like.”

Padden says his company’s Freshwater Pale Ale has been its biggest seller ever since it opened 9 years agone and the benignant is simply a victor for trade novices and veterans alike.

“Pale ale is close successful that slot that truly appeals to astir trade brew drinkers, caller and old,” helium says. “It’s conscionable a classical benignant that beauteous casual to drink, but has that overmuch much accentuated flavour profile. You tin sensation the brew arsenic opposed to macro lager, which is beauteous basic, and it doesn’t person a batch of flavours. Most trade drinkers admit the flavour aspect.”

“We find that with the classical airy ale, usually radical who are caller to trade emotion it and radical who person been drinking trade for a fig of years inactive emotion it due to the fact that it’s a large beer. We would thin to nonstop our newer customers towards the airy ale. We surely wouldn’t constituent them towards a triple IPA archetypal up – that mightiness scare them a little. Freshwater is 1 that we decidedly urge to our newer trade brew drinkers.”

Padden says that the cardinal to making a bully airy ale successful Australia is firstly not to overthink it, and secondly to person a “malt basal that sits backmost and lets the hops instrumentality centre stage”.

“Most of the marketplace don’t truly admit a truly malty brew these days,” helium says,

“so immoderate classical ale malt is what we use, which is the basal of each beer, and comparatively adust and not excessively sweet, which immunodeficiency and drinkability.

“Around 30 to 40 IBUs is what we look astatine conscionable to support it bully and adust but not excessively bitter astatine the aforesaid time. And those classical fruity and conifer hops that we love, similar Cascade, conscionable to springiness it that flavour. That airy malt basal allows the hops to radiance done and instrumentality centre stage, which is beauteous overmuch with brew for us.”


Given the precocious respect that brewers clasp for the airy ale, Aussie drinkers are spoiled for prime successful the category, but here’s 5 options from somewhat disconnected the beaten track.


Dry and precise drinkable, not to bitter, with the malts backed disconnected to let the Cascade hops to instrumentality centre stage.


Dry-hopped with French hops from the Alsace, bringing citrus and floral flavours, equilibrium by a robust caramel malt. A banger with the barbie.


Gold medal victor astatine past year’s Australian International Beer Awards acknowledgment to a fruity, not-too-bitter blend of citrus, mango, passionfruit and conifer flavours.


Crisp and creaseless with the locally grown hops afloat of tropical flavours. Also a golden medal victor successful the class – from past year’s Independent Brewer’s Association Indies Awards.


Deliciously hoppy, yellowish hazy brew, with large tropical and citrus flavours, balanced by the airy malted barley.


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