Free $500 on offer to working Aussies

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Millions of moving Australians person conscionable a fewer days near to unafraid a escaped $500 from the government, with the currency bump connected connection until July 1.

The boost comes successful the signifier of the government’s Super Co-Contribution Scheme, which is designed to assistance lower-income Australians apical up their status savings by partially matching idiosyncratic contributions to superannuation.

For Australians nether the property of 71 years and connected a taxable income beneath $42,000, the authorities volition lucifer each dollar voluntarily invested into a ace money by 50c, capping the connection astatine $500.

So if a idiosyncratic puts successful $1000 into his oregon her super, the authorities volition adhd $500 for free.

If a idiosyncratic puts successful $500, the authorities volition footwear successful $250.

“If you’re a debased oregon middle-income earner and marque idiosyncratic non-concessional (after-tax) contributions to your ace fund, the authorities whitethorn besides marque a co-contribution up to a maximum of $500,” the Australian Taxation Office said.

“The authorities co-contribution you person depends connected your income and however overmuch you contribute.

“You don’t request to use for the ace co-contribution.

“When you lodge your taxation return, we volition enactment retired if you’re eligible.

“If your ace money has your taxation record number, we volition wage it to your ace relationship automatically.”

The connection for the 2023-24 fiscal twelvemonth lasts until July 1, erstwhile the adjacent fiscal twelvemonth begins.

Personal non-concessional ace contributions are the amounts paid into a ace money from after-tax income (or take-home pay), the ATO said.

“These contributions are successful summation to immoderate compulsory ace contributions your leader makes connected your behalf, and bash not see ace contributions made done a salary-sacrifice statement oregon idiosyncratic contributions that person been claimed arsenic an income taxation deduction.”

The strategy went viral earlier this twelvemonth aft TikTok creator YouthForce highlighted the scheme.

“If you are capable to bash it, wherefore not? Go for it.” the pistillate said.

The video has racked up astir 900,000 views.

“Did this truthful galore times portion successful uni and present my ace equilibrium is stacked!” Tiktokker Michael Jasper says successful the comments conception of the video.

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