G-string dress haunted AFL WAG ‘for years’

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A Melbourne WAG was “harshly criticised for years” aft wearing a G-string formal to the Brownlows successful 2001 – but could we spot the iconic look marque a reddish carpet comeback astatine tonight’s star-studded event?

Tania Buckley was joined to erstwhile caput manager of the Collingwood Football Club Nathan Buckley for 18 years earlier their divided successful 2020.

But during 1 of their earliest nationalist appearances together, Buckley’s then-girlfriend Tania Minnici caused a disturbance aft wearing a airy pinkish formal with a built-in jewel encrusted G-string that flashed a cheeky magnitude of bottom.

However the fallout for the risque formal astatine specified a prestigious Australian sporting lawsuit was harsh, with Tania explaining the scrutiny was excessively much.

“I wouldn’t privation it connected anybody,” she told the Herald Sun successful 2019.

“It was thing we did and didn’t deliberation was that afloat on.

“It was conscionable a spot of amusive but it dragged connected for truthful galore years [because of] each the judgmental individuals retired there.”

While the formal was deemed excessively salacious for the spouse of a Brownlow Medal victor backmost then, the G-string formal has made a steadfast resurgence successful caller times.

Nadia Bartel turned heads successful a Rebecca Vallance plan with the racy diagnostic astatine an lawsuit successful Melbourne astatine the extremity of 2022.

The mischievous benignant besides made an quality connected the 2023 Golden Globes reddish carpet.

Whether the once-shocking G-string formal volition reappear astatine AFL’s nighttime of nights astatine Melbourne’s Crown Palladium this twelvemonth is yet to beryllium seen.

But 1 happening is certain, with the wives and girlfriend’s of Australia’s champion footy stars putting weeks of mentation into their looks, we’re definite to beryllium dazzled.

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