Grandma, 63, announces huge baby news with 26yo ‘toyboy

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A grandma and her 26-year-old ‘toyboy’ hubby person delighted fans aft announcing immoderate immense babe news.

Cheryl McGregor, 63, is acceptable to person a babe done surrogacy with her hubby Quran McCain aft the brace tied the knot successful a tiny ceremonial backmost successful 2021.

The pair, from Rome, Georgia, successful the US, archetypal met erstwhile Cheryl was 52 and Quaran was conscionable 15 backmost successful 2012.

Grandma, 63, announces immense  babe  news

They reconnected successful 2020 and went connected to get joined 1 twelvemonth later.

Now, the mother-of-seven and grandmother-of-17 is expecting different kid with her beau.

In an affectional TikTok video, the mates shared that they would beryllium having a babe miss aft doing a household sex uncover astatine location with elephantine balloons and enactment poppers.

Their whopping 37-year property spread is not stopping the joined mates from surviving the beingness they person ever dreamt of arsenic they hole to invited their babe into the satellite aboriginal this year.

As Cheryl is nary longer capable to conceive naturally, the brace enlisted the assistance of a surrogate earlier their sex uncover connected July 8.

In the clip, which has already attracted much than 7 cardinal views, the mum-to-be is sporting a hopeful pinkish formal and a ‘Mommy To Be’ sash crossed her body.

The mates are wrong attempting to popular a achromatic balloon to observe the sex via coloured confetti. However, it was really a ploy, with the existent uncover past taking spot outside.

Joining their loved ones successful the yard, they were handed enactment poppers and were thrilled to observe that they would beryllium having a babe miss arsenic they soon became surrounded by a pinkish mist.

Cheryl tin beryllium seen jumping for joyousness and embracing her husband, some elated with the breathtaking news.

Their excited fans rushed to the remark conception to connection their congratulations.

“You some are a cute couple. Age is conscionable age,” 1 wrote.

“We spot you some emotion each different unconditionally.”

“Aw a baby, Cheryl that’s truthful sweet,” a TikTok idiosyncratic said.

“I’m truthful blessed for you guys.”

“The mode she hugged him, truthful cute!” different idiosyncratic shared.

However, it was not each positive. The couple’s breathtaking announcement besides attracted a batch of antagonistic comments astir their property spread and particularly Cheryl’s age.

“I anticipation she lives agelong capable to conscionable the baby,” 1 said.

“This is insane.”

“Some of the residents astatine the nursing location I enactment astatine look younger,” commented another.

“That mediocre kid is not going to person a mother.”

The mates shared a heartwarming update astir their surrogacy travel past month, sharing an ultrasound drawback of their aboriginal child.

“We got pictures of our babe and [it] is starting to make now.” Cheryl said.

“It looks similar a babe present and it is truthful adorable.”

Cheryl and Quran archetypal met backmost successful 2012 erstwhile they were some moving astatine Dairy Queen, an American accelerated nutrient concatenation that specialises successful desserts.

While they accidental they were adjacent friends, they did not person romanticist feelings for 1 different until they met again successful 2020.

Quran ran into Cheryl by accidental erstwhile she was moving arsenic a cashier astatine a antithetic store.

They began hanging retired again and rapidly fell successful love.

Soon aft they began dating, the mates started posting videos of themselves online, soon becoming viral sensations connected the platform.

While Cheryl already has children and grandchildren, she says that the brace “deserve children of their own”.

“We recognize that I whitethorn not beryllium determination for arsenic agelong arsenic Quran is, but I person religion successful him.,” the grandma said astir their relationship.

“If I americium not here, helium tin bash it. He’s gonna beryllium a large father, helium is simply a liable adult.

“I person each spot of religion that helium could rise our child, and bash it precise well.

“Our household is besides precise supportive of our determination to person children. At archetypal they were hesitant for the aforesaid reasons.

“However, present 5 of my children person travel to judge the idea, and my mother-in-law and I marque videos together.”

The mates person travel nether occurrence from trolls online owed to their unconventional relationship, nevertheless they accidental they ne'er fto it signifier them.

“People connected societal media person a batch of hatred for us.,” Quran said.

“They accidental I’m dating my grandmother. I americium not.

“She is younger than my grandmother. We are nary antithetic from immoderate different couple, emotion is love.”

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