‘Gut feel’: Scott’s new Masters plans

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Adam Scott is assured signifier rounds astatine Augusta adjacent week volition supply ample Masters mentation aft revealing helium skipped his regular pre-tournament sojourn arsenic portion of a rejigged scheduled that includes playing the week earlier the year’s archetypal major.

The 2013 Masters champ is teeing it up successful Houston this week earlier heading to Georgia, wherever helium usually makes a travel arsenic portion of an yearly reconnaissance ngo that includes rounds with his father.

Making changes to his pre-tournament regular person been successful portion forced by changes to the PGA Tour docket but besides for Scott to find the competitory signifier helium wants to instrumentality to Augusta, wherever helium has played each Masters since 2002.

As a Masters winner, Scott besides has entree to the people extracurricular of the tourney and has made aggregate visits implicit the years arsenic the people has evolved, with much changes successful store for this year’s event, which begins adjacent Thursday.

But the 43-year-old has enactment winning the Valero Texas Open connected his radar, assured his Augusta cognition volition footwear successful erstwhile helium gets determination adjacent week.

“I don’t person tons of clip conscionable to interval up determination and I thought it wasn’t the large precedence for maine starring into this Masters,” Scott said successful Houston.

“I’ve played determination a lot. I cognize they changed the 2nd and I cognize they’ve relaid a mates greens, but I deliberation I tin spell successful determination astatine this constituent feeling beauteous comfy and should beryllium assured that I cognize the play people good capable connected a mates signifier rounds Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Scott hasn’t won anyplace since 2020 but has 2 top-10s from 5 events truthful acold successful 2024 and is much consenting to marque the adjustments to get the champion retired of his crippled

“I deliberation erstwhile I adjusted successful the past it was a small spot difficult. I deliberation I’m beauteous unfastened to conscionable doing immoderate I consciousness is champion now,” helium said.

“Juggling tons of antithetic factors astatine this constituent successful my career, I extremity up conscionable relying connected similar a gut instinct of what feels close and what’s not, and it’s adjacent little astir does this people suit maine and is this the close week to play if I consciousness similar I request to play. I thought this week was a large week for maine to play.

“You’ve got to prime your moments. Having the operation of a tourney this week starring into the Masters I deliberation was good, particularly coming disconnected immoderate beauteous mean results the past mates of tournaments, truthful looking for amended present this week.”

Scott has besides won doubly successful Houston and is keen to get that winning vibe backmost earlier tackling the world’s champion players astatine the Masters.

“Things are ever changing not lone with the PGA Tour docket but with wherever my crippled is at, with what’s going connected astir maine and trying to equilibrium everything and marque the champion decisions,” helium said.

“I arsenic similar playing successful Houston. I’ve won successful Houston arsenic good and I’ve won here, but you conscionable can’t play each week, truthful you’ve got to conscionable marque benignant of gut decisions connected truly what you need.

“I’m blessed that this clip it’s worked retired that I’m backmost present astatine Valero.”

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