Heatwave and flood dangers cover the whole of Australia

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The adjacent fewer days of upwind volition beryllium afloat of floods and heatwaves that volition impact millions crossed the full country.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is forecasting a scorching adjacent fewer days, including heatwave warnings for some Western Australia and Victoria.

Meanwhile, flood warnings person been issued for Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory, NSW and the ACT.

The heatwave informing successful WA is valid until Thursday February 15, and includes respective terrible and utmost heatwave areas crossed the state. The heatwave informing for Victoria is successful spot until Tuesday astatine this stage.

The BOM warned that terrible heatwaves are unsafe for galore Australians, and radical should question a spot to support chill during this time.

“Close your windows and gully blinds, curtains oregon awnings aboriginal successful the time to support the vigor retired of your home. If available, usage fans oregon airconditioners to support cool,” they advised.

Meanwhile, flood enactment is peculiarly precocious successful Queensland, which has had 12 flood warnings issued crossed the state, ranging from insignificant to major.

With the BOM watching flood enactment successful the Western Top End Rivers of the Northern Territory, monsoonal rains person caused flooding successful Darwin that resulted successful respective roads made “impassable” to cars.

The BOM said that erstwhile driving connected roads successful unsafe upwind conditions, “If it’s flooded, hide it”.

Here are the highest temperatures you tin expect from each superior metropolis successful the adjacent 3 days:

Sydney: 31C (Tuesday)

Melbourne: 37C (Tuesday)

Brisbane: 31C (Wednesday, Thursday)

Perth: 42C (Thursday)

Adelaide: 27C (Tuesday, Thursday)

Hobart: 30C (Tuesday)

Canberra: 31C (Tuesday)

Darwin: 31C (Wednesday, Thursday)

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