Honda revives legendary Prelude

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Honda is gearing up to observe a important milestone successful hybrid exertion with the European debut of the Prelude Concept.

The conception car, which volition beryllium unveiled astatine the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed, heralds the instrumentality of the iconic nameplate to the portion aft a 25-year hiatus.

Honda revealed the Prelude astatine past year’s Japan Mobility Show but determination was nary connection connected timings for a accumulation version.

Overnight, Honda confirmed that the Prelude would onshore successful Europe arsenic a Hybrid Coupe, though it seems Australia volition person to hold a small longer.

A Honda Australia spokeswoman said they would emotion to spot the Hybrid Coupe participate the Australian marketplace but determination is nary connection yet connected erstwhile that volition happen.

“Unfortunately, we don’t person immoderate accusation to stock regarding the Honda Prelude re-entering successful the Australian marketplace astatine this time,” a spokeswoman said.

Honda has released small accusation connected the car but it’s expected to transportation the Civic’s e: HEV hybrid powertrain for the Europe market.

Chief technologist and ample task person astatine Honda Motor, Tomoyuki Yamagami, said the Prelude Concept would support its “sporty” DNA.

“By perfectly blending the ratio and ratio and biology advantages of electrified driving with an exhilarating acquisition down the instrumentality – liberating users from their regular lives with accrued driving pleasure,” helium said.

The Prelue primitively debuted successful Europe 45 years ago, showcasing Honda’s quality to nutrient high-performance, cutting-edge technology.

Yamagami emphasised the Prelude reintroduction underscored Honda’s committedness to sustainability.

“The Prelude demonstrates the continued value of hybrid powertrains arsenic portion of Honda’s car electrification strategy – a cardinal measurement towards our committedness for 100 per cent of caller conveyance income to beryllium artillery electrical oregon hydrogen substance compartment by 2040,” helium said.

Honda’s hybrid travel began with the Insight coupe, Europe’s archetypal mass-produced hybrid model, successful 1999. Since then, Honda has continued to innovate with models the CR-Z and the second-generation NSX supercar, which introduced precocious all-wheel thrust hybrid powertrain technology.

Today, Honda’s Australian line-up includes hybrid versions of the Civic, HR-V, ZR-V, Accord and CR-V.

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