House Speaker Mike Johnson and Trump to meet at Mar-a-Lago

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Mike Johnson's plans for a 2nd Trump word

Speaker Mike Johnson's plans for a 2nd Trump term 05:35

House Speaker Mike Johnson is visiting erstwhile President Donald Trump astatine his Mar-a-Lago edifice successful Florida Monday, arsenic the 2 leaders of the Republican enactment crippled their way to winning successful November. 

It's been 2 months since Johnson past traveled to Mar-a-Lago, and helium made the travel arsenic was facing a menace to his speakership from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Trump made it wide past and aboriginal that helium backed Johnson, and Greene's attempt to oust Johnson was yet killed. Johnson returned the favour past month, appearing successful Manhattan transgression court to enactment the now-convicted Trump during his trial. 

"President Trump and I person changeless dialog astir the plans for the predetermination rhythm and past the emerging plans astir what we'll bash aft we triumph the predetermination cycle," Johnson said Friday of his Monday gathering with Trump. "And I deliberation we will, I deliberation he'll beryllium the adjacent president. And I deliberation we'll person a bigger bulk successful the House and a Republican bulk successful the Senate." 

Johnson said Republicans are "planning accordingly" for that victory, "not to enactment the cart earlier the equine but to deliberation precise strategically astir however we'll usage that clip effectively." The House talker besides told reporters helium and Trump would sermon which GOP candidates to endorse.

House Republicans person a razor-thin bulk successful the House, and Democrats clasp the bulk successful the Senate. 

APTOPIX Trump Hush Money U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, center, and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy perceive arsenic erstwhile President Donald Trump, left, talks with reporters arsenic helium arrives astatine Manhattan transgression tribunal successful New York, connected Tuesday, May 14, 2024. (Justin Lane/Pool Photo via AP) Justin Lane / AP

But Trump whitethorn already having an interaction connected the creation of the House and its committees. Johnson precocious appointed 2 arguable Trump allies, Rep. Scott Perry and Ronny Jackson, to the House Intelligence Committee, arguably the astir delicate House panel. 

Late past year, a federal justice ordered Perry's substance and email communications to beryllium turned implicit to national investigators past twelvemonth arsenic portion of the special counsel's 2020 predetermination probe into erstwhile President Donald Trump and his allies.

Jackson was demoted by the Navy successful 2022 aft a Pentagon watchdog investigation into his clip arsenic White House doc substantiated allegations of inappropriate behaviour — a improvement that was not publically known astatine the time.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner told CBS News "Face the Nation" Sunday that helium expects Johnson to intervene if determination is immoderate "improper" behavior."He's going to proceed to show the situation," Turner said, adding that "if there's immoderate denotation of thing improper happening," helium expects that "the talker volition asseverate enactment here."

Trump visited House and Senate Republicans connected Capitol Hill past week to sermon their 2024 docket and aerial grievances successful what GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz described arsenic a "pep rally." It was the erstwhile president's archetypal travel to Capitol Hill since his supporters assaulted the Capitol much than 3 years ago. 

Rep. Elise Stefanik, who chairs the House Republican Conference, called the gathering a "very successful" governmental gathering.

"We are 100% unified down his candidacy and are acceptable to get to enactment connected behalf of the American people," Stefanik told reporters, calling Trump's quality a "unifying event." 

Recent CBS News polling shows Trump and President Biden are neck-and-neck nationally. 

Jaala Brown contributed to this report.

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