How lame was Joe Biden in his latest call with Xi Jinping?

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President Biden informed his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, of the US presumption connected respective issues during a telephone Tuesday, the White House said; Xi’s effect was essentially, “F-U.”

No, Xi didn’t usage those nonstop terms.

But adjacent enough.

Biden emphasized the value of “peace and stableness crossed the Taiwan Strait,” “the regularisation of instrumentality and state of navigation successful the South China Sea” and America’s “commitment” to denuclearizing North Korea, the White House reported.

And helium raised “concerns” implicit clime change, China’s “support for Russia’s defence concern base” and its “unfair commercialized policies,” etc., etc.

Yet Xi, per Beijing’s readout afterward, “stressed” that Taiwan was a “red enactment that indispensable not beryllium crossed.”

He threatened that, “in the face” of (supposed US) efforts to promote Taiwan independence, “China is not going to beryllium connected its hands.”

Xi accused Washington of adopting “a drawstring of measures to suppress China’s commercialized and exertion development” and slapping “Chinese entities” with sanctions — which is “creating risks.”

If Washington insists “on containing China’s high-tech improvement and depriving China of its morganatic close to development,” Xi lectured Biden, “China is not going to beryllium backmost and watch.”

Indeed, the 2 nations could “slide into conflict.”

The Chinese relationship paints Biden arsenic defensive, saying helium reiterated the US nonsubjective “not to alteration China’s system” and that Washington doesn’t enactment “Taiwan independence” but alternatively “follows the one-China policy.”

Which side’s “readout” is much accurate?

Consider their respective records of action.

China provokes Taiwan incessantly, sends fentanyl ingredients to Mexico, utterly abandons its pact promises to fto state ringing successful Hong Kong, deploys spy balloons implicit America, immunodeficiency Russia successful its warfare connected Ukraine, claims the South China Sea is its territory, pumps ever much c into the aerial contempt John Kerry’s pleas . . . 

The database is positively endless.

Biden, meantime has taken not one meaningful nationalist measurement that’s led to China to basal down: The White House didn’t adjacent fto Americans cognize astir the spy balloon until regular citizens spotted it.

Maybe Beijing has damning ungraded connected the Biden family’s multimillion-dollar “business” dealings successful China, oregon possibly the president plays rabbit simply due to the fact that helium always fears overseas “escalation.”

Whether it’s words oregon actions, the bottommost enactment remains: Xi bullies, and Biden conscionable blathers.

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