Huge star in hospital after theatre accident

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Sir Ian McKellen was taken to the infirmary aft falling disconnected the signifier during a amusement successful London.

The 85-year-old histrion was midway done his show successful Player Kings astatine the Noël Coward theatre erstwhile helium mislaid his footing, Page Sixcan confirm.

The beloved English actor, who plays John Falstaff successful the show, was doing a combat country erstwhile helium fell disconnected the beforehand of the signifier and cried retired successful pain, according to the BBC, who was archetypal to study the news.

As unit members rushed to help, the location lights came up and the assemblage was evacuated from the theatre, per the outlet.

Although the country was “very shocking,” 1 assemblage subordinate told the BBC that McKellen was “conscious” aft the fall.

“I truly anticipation that helium is going to beryllium each right,” Sandro Trapani said.

Meanwhile, different assemblage members took to X to privation the Lord of the Rings star good aft witnessing the “terrible fall”.

“Audience shocked by Sir Ian McKellen’s autumn disconnected signifier contiguous astatine Noel Coward Theatre. Staff moving hard to assistance him. Thoughts with him, formed and crew,” Paul Nero, a writer and broadcaster, wrote connected X.

Someone other responded to his tweet, saying McKellen “sounded successful a atrocious way”.

In a connection shared with Page Six, representatives for McKellen thanked the “audience and the wide nationalist for their good wishes” and assured fans that helium is connected the mend.

“Following a scan, the superb NHS squad person assured america that helium volition marque a speedy and afloat betterment and Ian is successful bully spirits,” the connection read.

They besides thanked 2 doctors who were successful the assemblage and sprung into action.

However, producers “made the determination to cancel the show connected June 18 truthful Ian tin rest”.

Player Kings — a three-hour-plus adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I and Part II — started its 12-week tally successful April 2024.

As of now, the play is expected to tally until Saturday successful the West End earlier going connected circuit passim the United Kingdom until the extremity of July.

This is the actor’s sixth signifier relation successful the 3 years since theatres reopened pursuing the Covid shutdown.

McKellen told the Times earlier this period that helium looks astatine each relation similar it could beryllium his past present that helium is successful his mid-80s.

“If you privation to cognize that you are mortal you conscionable person to look astatine your code book,” helium told the outlet.

“And truthful erstwhile a publication comes through, oregon the hint of an offer, you think, ‘This mightiness beryllium my past job. No. I’m not doing that.’” helium said.

“So if Falstaff is my past job, I’d amended get it right, hadn’t I?”

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