Human rights fight erupts over bike lane

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A radical of residents successful 1 of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs person lodged a ailment with the Australian Human Rights Commission implicit a engaged bicycle lane they assertion is “unsafe” to the public.

The ailment centres astir land autobus stops on the city’s distinctive Oxford St, which are positioned distant from the footpath successful the caller abstracted cycleway being developed by the City of Sydney council.

The group, which includes erstwhile metropolis councillor Kathryn Greiner, assertion the bicycle lane is unsafe for the assemblage and particularly for older and disabled people.

Speaking connected the Today amusement with Michael Waterhouse – who is understood to beryllium starring the ailment – she said the Human Rights Commission was the close spot to rise the complaint.

“The basal rule of a transport programme should beryllium information for all,” she told big Karl Stefanovic connected Tuesday.

“But older people, disabled people, radical with mobility, show and adjacent proceeding issues are severely discriminated against successful the postulation proposal.”

Mr Waterhouse, who revealed helium had immoderate deafness and utilized a proceeding aid, said helium was disquieted cyclists would not halt successful clip for unsighted oregon deaf radical who needed to transverse the cycleway to get to the caller autobus stop.

He referenced accidents and near-misses successful the UK – thing besides elaborate successful the group’s quality rights complaint.

“Blind radical oregon deaf radical … crossing the pedestrian crossing who don’t realise that cyclists could beryllium coming astatine them from either absorption astatine a fixed constituent successful time,” Mr Waterhouse told the program.

“You simply don’t perceive cyclists coming. You don’t perceive the bell, truthful it’s a large problem.”

Mr Waterhouse said a caller survey successful the UK recovered 60 per cent of London cyclists don’t halt for pedestrians astatine crossings with the aforesaid autobus stops.

Construction connected the Oxford St westbound cycleway started earlier this year, with the City of Sydney assembly revealing the task progressive enactment betwixt Castlereagh St and Taylor Square from their end.

The NSW State Government’s Oxford St eastbound task volition beryllium built betwixt Taylor Square and Paddington Gates.

“This dedicated cycleway volition springiness thousands of radical assurance to safely get astir connected 2 wheels,” Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore said successful March.

Ms Greiner said the country was becoming “highly-developed” and the task needed much airy shone connected it.

“Not lone is it unsafe for older radical … these kinds of autobus lanes are truly ferociously hard for older radical to abide by,” she said.

A City of Sydney spokesperson said the cycleway was a “critical” concern successful the information of radical walking and riding.

The assembly said the task underwent extended assemblage consultation anterior to construction.

“The autobus halt platforms on Oxford St person been designed to conscionable existent information and accessibility requirements. They see fencing betwixt riders and those waiting for buses, which volition summation safety,” the spokesperson said.

“This level fencing besides guides radical to usage the marked cycleway crossings, making the question of radical walking and riding much predictable.

“Importantly, by moving autobus stops to dedicated platforms, it reduces clutter and crowding connected the footpaths.”

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