‘I apologise’: Jones reacts to Japan links, horror loss

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Embattled Wallabies manager Eddie Jones issued a grovelling apology aft his team’s grounds World Cup nonaccomplishment to Wales and defiantly swatted distant suggestions helium was eyeing a determination to Japan declaring helium wants to marque Australian rugby better.

After being slammed by World Cup winning All Black Sonny Bill Williams aft reports Jones had interviewed for the Japanese occupation portion successful France with the Wallabies, Jones said “I don’t cognize what you‘re talking about” erstwhile peppered with questions aft the 40-6 nonaccomplishment to Wales.

Wallabies skipper David Porecki besides denied the reports linking Jones to Japan were a origin successful the nonaccomplishment which ensures Australia volition neglect to marque it beyond the radical stages of a World Cup for the archetypal time.

“No. I don‘t deliberation galore of the boys were alert of thing to beryllium honest,” helium said.

“We had a bully week of prep, astir apt our champion week of prep and we didn’t crook up tonight. It’s got thing to bash with the extracurricular noise.”

With conscionable 1 triumph successful 3 World Cup matches, the Wallabies are destined to miss advancing to the quarter-finals for the archetypal clip ever expanding unit connected Jones who picked a rookie-filled squad which has failed to present connected his the coach’s hopes and expectations.

The smashing by Wales near Jones with small to accidental different than judge responsibility.

“Firstly, I would conscionable similar to apologise to each the Australian supporters.

“Our show was not up to the modular that was required. I apologise for that. I instrumentality afloat work for it. We are disappointed, we person a young squad successful determination precise disappointed. They tried their hearts retired but unluckily astatine the infinitesimal we don‘t person consistency successful our play to enactment unit connected teams similar Wales. We bash immoderate bully things and past autumn away. It’s precise disappointing.”

Despite the worst World Cup effect ever for an Australian squad Jones, who has present won conscionable 1 of 8 Tests successful 2023 and has been linked to the Japan occupation much than once, said helium remained “100 per cent” committed to Australian rugby.

“I came backmost to Australia trying to help. At the infinitesimal I americium not giving overmuch help, americium I? But that doesn‘t mean my committedness to helping has changed,” helium said.

“I americium a arrogant Australian, I hatred to spot Australian rugby bash arsenic poorly arsenic we person been doing, peculiarly nether my reign.

“It‘s not lone the Wallabies we person got to improve, we’ve got to dainty the full strategy of Australian rugby. It’s not an excuse but we’ve got to person a truly bully look astatine ourselves and spot what we’ve got to bash to improve.”

Jones besides said believed helium was the close idiosyncratic to instrumentality Australia guardant contempt the performances truthful far.

“I deliberation I person got the quality to crook things around. I was hoping we would beryllium capable to bash it by present but we haven‘t been capable to,” helium said.

“I instrumentality afloat responsibility, I haven‘t done a bully capable occupation and I americium bloody disappointed astir that.”

The Wallabies squad was bereft of World Cup acquisition aft Jones took a broom done the squad leaving retired seasoned players including erstwhile skipper Michael Hooper and playmaker Quade Cooper.

But helium didn’t waver from his content it was the close happening to do.

“I was enactment successful this occupation to crook Australia around. I don‘t deliberation I could person done it with the players that had been playing. I deliberation we needed a caller change,” helium said.

“Sure, young guys struggled successful the situation contiguous but unless they get that acquisition they are not going to mature into the players they tin be. This is the astir achy time, don‘t get maine wrong, but it’s besides the champion learning clip for young players. This is wherever they truly larn astir the crippled and larn what you request for trial level.

“There is not a squad I person coached that hasn’t been done this astatine the commencement of their tenure.”

“A process unluckily takes times, takes immoderate pain. Sometimes it takes much symptom than it does pleasure, I person nary uncertainty what I acceptable retired to do. While it looks astatine the infinitesimal similar it‘s a shambles, I tin warrant it’s not.

“There‘s a halfway radical of subordinate who are going to beryllium truly good. Some of those players, successful clip they are going to beryllium satellite class. They are going to beryllium the backbone of a precise palmy Australian team. I’ve got nary uncertainty astir that.”

The Wallabies person 1 World Cup lucifer near against Portugal.

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