‘Jealous, possessive’ lover charged with murder

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An allegedly “jealous, possessive” antheral has been charged with the execution of a “doting father” 20 years aft the man’s assemblage was recovered weighed down with rocks successful a Sydney river.

Jason Palmer was reported missing connected February 8, 2004, aft helium was past seen leaving his location connected Baltimore St astatine Belfield 2 days prior.

Three weeks later, the 34-year-old’s assemblage was recovered by children successful a stream astatine Menangle, successful Sydney’s south, with aggregate stab wounds and weighed down with rocks.

An archetypal probe into Mr Palmer’s decease did not place a suspect, but a 2007 coronial inquest recovered helium was stabbed to decease successful the Lakemba area.

The lawsuit was referred to the Unsolved Homicide Team for reinvestigation.

Police relaunched the probe successful 2022, which led to the apprehension of 52-year-old Gofal Baziad, who constabulary allege was having an matter with Mr Palmer’s wife, Renny Palmer.

She is not accused of immoderate wrongdoing.

Mr Baziad was arrested connected Monday and taken to Campbelltown Police Station wherever helium was charged with murder.

Homicide Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty, said constabulary allege the Mr Baziad’s motive was to proceed a narration with Ms Palmer.

“We volition allege successful tribunal that helium was precise jealous of her and precise possessive and obsessed with her and to the constituent we believe, and we volition amusement the facts, this had led him to perpetrate what we volition accidental was a precise convulsive crime,” helium told media connected Tuesday.

“We judge it was a axenic transgression of passionateness … nevertheless it’s a horrendous murder.”

Supt Doherty said Mr Palmer and his woman had concisely separated, which is erstwhile the narration betwixt Mr Baziad and his woman began.

Mr Palmer and his woman got backmost unneurotic earlier helium was allegedly murdered.

Police said the narration betwixt Mr Palmer’s woman and Mr Baziad continued aft the death.

Mr Baziad had moved to Indonesia aft Mr Palmer’s decease with his wife, earlier they returned to Queensland.

They remained unneurotic for 14 years earlier the narration ended successful 2013.

Mr Baziad was looking for enactment successful Ingleburn erstwhile helium was arrested connected Monday.

“All of a abrupt the past has caught up with him. Not lone caught up with him, it’s travel backmost to haunt him,” Supt Doherty said.

He praised the enactment of investigators who managed to laic charges aft 2 decades.

“It’s similar uncovering a cardinal to a doorway and going into a country and uncovering immoderate further evidence, past uncovering different cardinal to different doorway … the investigators should beryllium commended for their tenacious investigation,” Supt Doherty said.

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