Joe Biden let Rachel Morin killer suspect in — her blood is on his hands

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Friday’s apprehension of Victor Martinez Hernandez, the amerciable migrant who allegedly raped and killed mother-of-five Rachel Morin connected a Maryland hiking trail, marks the adjacent of yet 1 much bloody occurrence for which President Biden bears afloat blame

This “should not beryllium happening,” thundered the sheriff of the state wherever the transgression took place: “Victor Hernandez did not travel present to marque a amended beingness for himself, oregon for his family.”

Damn right. 

Antonio Martinez Hernandez Authorities arrested Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez and charged him with rape and murder. Tulsa Police Department

Hernandez, a suspected execution erstwhile helium fled his autochthonal El Salvador, jumped the borderline successful February 2023 and spent the intervening months roaming the state until his way crossed Morin’s. 

Then? Alleged rape and murder; the demolition of a family. 

All due to the fact that Biden opened the borderline connected his Day 1 to appease the leftist loons driving nationalist argumentation among Democrats.

Hernandez was not lone wanted for execution successful El Salvador erstwhile helium crossed — helium soon became the premier fishy successful a brutal location penetration successful Los Angeles.

In different words, he is precisely who Biden’s open-borders freaks were 100% OK with entering illegally (per Franklin Foer’s book). 

Remember, Hernandez was present by design. 

Rachel MorinMother-of-five Rachel Morin was allegedly raped and killed connected a Maryland hiking trail. Facebook/Rachel Morin

The Biden medication did everything it could to promote lawlessness astatine the border — and the inflows smashed grounds aft disfigured record, doing harm arsenic acold arsenic New York City and Boston. 

Yes, Biden has present offered a belated “crackdown” — but it would still admit astir 2 cardinal amerciable migrants a year. 

But adjacent that has proven utterly fake, with no existent motion it’s deterring anyone.

And if Biden genuinely came to his senses and restored the borderline policies that kept the US unafraid nether his predecessor (or even his aged boss!), he’d still own Morin’s death, countless different crimes committed by migrants and the heavy tide of societal demolition he’s unleashed.

That’s a batch of horrors that can’t beryllium undone.

And, by astatine agelong past astatine slightest pretending to get serious, Biden has tacitly admitted helium owns each driblet of guiltless humor shed acknowledgment to the migrant situation helium created.

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