Joe Jonas seemingly references Sophie Turner divorce: ‘Feeling so miserable’

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Joe Jonas seems acceptable to speech astir his divorcement from Sophie Turner.

The US instrumentalist seemingly referenced his feelings astir their separation successful a teaser clip for caller euphony helium shared connected TikTok. The lyrics, acceptable to upbeat music, picture radical begging him to cheer up.

“Come on, Joe, you got truthful overmuch much to beryllium grateful for,” helium sings.

“Stop being bittersweet due to the fact that you’re making the country uncomfortable / OK I get it / I cognize you’re feeling truthful miserable / Sometimes I privation I had powers to beryllium invisible,” the lyrics continue.

“Even baddies get saddies and that’s the hardest information / Called your mommy and daddy, they don’t cognize what to do.”

The 32-year-old Jonas Brothers subordinate captioned the clip, “Even baddies get saddies #newmusic.”

Page Six did not instantly person a effect from either star’s reps regarding the meaning down the unreleased song.

Jonas filed for divorcement from Turner, 28, successful September 2023 aft 4 years of marriage. In his filing, helium claimed their national was “irretrievably broken.”

“There are galore speculative narratives arsenic to why, but genuinely this is simply a agreed determination and we sincerely anticipation that everyone tin respect our wishes for privateness for america and our children,” the brace said successful a associated connection astatine the time.

While Jonas has remained wide hush-hush astir their split, helium asked fans not to spot immoderate rumours oregon theories astir the taxable portion helium took the signifier successful Los Angeles with his brothers days aft filing for divorce.

“It’s been a brainsick week,” helium reflected. “I conscionable privation to say, if you don’t perceive it from these lips, don’t judge it. OK? Thank you, everyone, for the emotion and enactment to maine and my family. I emotion you guys.”

His and Turner’s divorce was reasonably messy from the start. About 2 weeks aft the break-up quality emerged, the Game of Thrones prima filed a suit to secure “the contiguous return” of their 2 children to England.

She claimed the Burnin’ Up hitmaker had antecedently agreed implicit Christmas 2022 that they would marque the UK their “forever home” for their family, but helium was holding backmost their children’s passports truthful they could not permission the US.

The brace stock daughters Willa, 3, and Delphine, 22 months.

Jonas slammed the suit arsenic “abuse of the ineligible system” successful a connection to Page Six astatine the time.

“This is an unfortunate ineligible disagreement astir a matrimony that is sadly ending,” helium said via his rep. “When connection similar ‘abduction’ is used, it is misleading astatine best, and a superior maltreatment of the ineligible strategy astatine worst.”

In October 2023, they came to a temporary custody agreement, but successful March, Turner asked a justice to reactivate their divorcement arsenic they disagreed connected kid custody and spot agreement.

The mother-of-two spoke retired astir their divorce during an interrogation with British Vogue earlier this period and conceded that she was “unhappy” astir the mode their separation played retired successful the media, particularly the parts regarding her children.

“They’re the victims successful each of this,” she candidly reflected. “But I deliberation we’re doing the champion we can.”

“I’m assured that we tin fig it out. Joe is simply a large begetter to our children and that’s each that I tin inquire for.”

She besides said she has anticipation that they tin each reunite arsenic a household for important events post-divorce.

“My imagination is to person a immense Christmas wherever my daughters tin person their dada there, Joe’s full broadside of the family, their grandparents,” she explained.

“I don’t attraction astir the politics, I conscionable privation the girls to consciousness loved and person everyone amusement up for them.”

Turner has since moved connected with spot developer Peregrine Pearson, portion Jonas is going beardown with exemplary Stormi Bree.

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