Josh Giddey linked with former AFL WAG Maki Lesko

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Aussie hoops prima Josh Giddey has been photographed enjoying a nighttime retired with a Melbourne exemplary and erstwhile AFL WAG.

Maki Lesko posted the photos to her 74,000 Instagram followers, showing herself and Giddey dancing successful a nightclub and riding successful a conveyance portion Giddey checked his phone.

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Lesko labels herself Russian, Polish and Australian successful her Insta bio and is represented by modelling agencies successful Australia and the US.

Giddey is backmost successful Australia pursuing the extremity of his NBA run with the Oklahoma City Thunder, who were knocked retired successful the 2nd circular of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks.

The Boston Celtics claimed the NBA rubric connected Tuesday with a 4-1 bid triumph implicit the Mavericks.

Blonde stunner Lesko has made headlines successful the past aft attending the 2022 Essendon champion and fairest awards with Bomber Ben Hobbs.

Giddey, 21, volition beryllium a cardinal subordinate of Australia’s squad for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

He has besides been the taxable of commercialized rumours aft helium was benched for the archetypal clip successful his vocation during the top-seeded Thunder’s postseason run.

The Insta posts travel a constabulary and NBA probe into claims Giddey had an inappropriate narration with a insignificant successful the US.

In January, the Newport Beach Police Department successful California announced the Aussie would not look charges aft it was “unable to corroborate immoderate transgression activity”.

The NBA past came to a akin decision successful May, closing its ain probe days after Giddey’s play ended.

Giddey is successful the 3rd twelvemonth of a four-year, $41 cardinal declaration and is eligible for an hold this off-season.

He faced the property successful May and admitted determination were “days wherever you don’t consciousness similar getting retired of bed” arsenic helium dealt with the investigations.

The No. 6 prime successful the 2021 NBA Draft was relentlessly booed by absorption fans whenever helium touched the shot erstwhile the allegations surfaced, including successful the playoffs, portion helium received staunch enactment successful location games.

He averaged 12.3 points per game, on with 6.4 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 25.1 minutes connected tribunal past season, each vocation lows, arsenic helium faced a diminished relation with a promising OKC squad that finished with a West-leading 57-25 record.

The constituent defender is hopeful his vocation tin proceed with the Thunder.

“Yeah, I emotion it here,” helium said astatine season’s end. “This is simply a location distant from home.

“I emotion everything astir this place, the city, the fans.

“The organisation apical to bottommost is conscionable unbelievable radical passim the gathering and getting to travel present to enactment each time is simply a batch of fun. It doesn’t consciousness similar work.”

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