Jury sends note in missing campers trial

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The assemblage successful the proceedings of erstwhile Jetstar skipper Greg Lynn has requested recordings of the erstwhile pilot’s evidence, arsenic good arsenic the grounds of a ballistics adept from the trial.

Gregory Stuart Lynn, 57, is facing proceedings aft pleading not blameworthy to murdering Russell Hill, 74, and Carol Clay, 73, portion connected a camping travel successful the distant Alpine National Park.

The six men and six women who volition determine Mr Lynn’s destiny were sent retired to deliberate by Supreme Court Justice Michael Croucher astir 12.30pm Friday.

On Tuesday the assemblage sent a enactment to the judge, requesting a signaling of the grounds fixed to the tribunal during the proceedings by Mr Lynn.

The assemblage besides requested a signaling of the grounds fixed by a ballistics adept with Victoria Police, Senior Constable Paul Griffiths, who conducted examinations connected Mr Lynn’s shotgun.

The petition was sent by the assemblage connected Tuesday afternoon.

The assemblage went location astir 4pm connected Tuesday and volition person an reply to their petition connected Wednesday morning.

Justice Croucher delivered his summing up to the assemblage earlier they retired to deliberate, telling the assemblage prosecutors alleged Mr Lynn murdered Mr Hill successful chartless circumstances and done chartless means successful the evening of March 20, 2020, apt pursuing an statement implicit Mr Hill’s drone.

Mr Lynn past allegedly murdered Mrs Clay by shooting her successful the caput arsenic a witnesser to the archetypal slaying, helium said of the prosecution’s case.

On the defence case, Justice Croucher said, Mrs Clay died owed to the accidental discharge of Mr Lynn’s shotgun arsenic the 2 men wrestled for power of the weapon.

According to the defence, Mr Hill past attacked Mr Lynn with a knife, falling connected the leaf arsenic the 2 men struggled.

Justice Croucher said some parties hold Mr Lynn took a bid of steps to fell his engagement successful the deaths, including cleaning and burning the campsite, disposing of the bodies lone to instrumentality 8 months aboriginal to incinerate them and coating his car and trailer.

He said prosecutors were asking the assemblage to judge these actions could lone beryllium reasonably explained by Mr Lynn’s cognition helium had murdered the pair.

Defence connected the different hand, Justice Croucher said, argued that each disposable grounds supported Mr Lynn’s relationship of 2 accidental deaths, and his actions were the effect of panic and fearfulness helium would beryllium wrongly blamed.

“Mr Dann (Mr Lynn’s barrister) submits the prosecution are asking you to capable successful the gaps with speculation,” helium said.

Justice Croucher told the assemblage their occupation was not to punish Mr Lynn for the “terrible and selfish” actions helium had admitted to but to impartially justice if the prosecution had proven the 4 elements of execution for each decease beyond tenable doubt.

He said Mr Lynn was to beryllium presumed guiltless and for the assemblage to deliberation 2 accidental deaths was improbable, was “fundamentally flawed”.

The proceedings returns connected Wednesday.

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