Lawmaker's law license suspended over conflicts of interest in murder case

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6/16: CBS Weekend News

6/16: CBS Weekend News 20:44

A Republican Kansas lawmaker who already dropped his re-election run past period aft helium was arrested successful a postulation halt has present been barred from practicing instrumentality for astatine slightest a twelvemonth for mishandling conflicts of involvement successful a execution case.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that authorities Rep. Carl Maughan of Colwich violated nonrecreational standards portion representing 57-year-old Bret Blevins successful a 2016 clang that killed 2 men, according to the Kansas City Star. The tribunal ruled that Maughan's actions placed "an undue load connected resources of the transgression justness system," the paper reported.

Maughan did not respond instantly to an email from The Associated Press connected Sunday nor did helium reply a telephone telephone from the paper Friday. He had antecedently defended the mode helium handled the Blevins lawsuit though Blevins is present suing Maughan implicit it.

ap24051776796506.jpg Carl Maughan, R-Colwich, and Susan Humphries, right, R-Wichita, confer during a House ballot connected overriding Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's veto of a GOP taxation plan, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024, astatine the Statehouse successful Topeka, Kan.  AP Photo/John Hanna

The conflicts of involvement successful the lawsuit came up due to the fact that Maughan had antecedently represented Blevins' girlfriend, Tammy Akers, successful DUI cases and helium accepted $30,000 from Akers and her hubby to support Blevins.

Akers and Blevins were the lone occupants of the conveyance that struck and killed the 2 men successful a van. Akers served arsenic a cardinal witnesser astatine the proceedings wherever Maughan blamed Akers for the clang and suggested she was the driver.

The Supreme Court ruled that conflict-of-interest waivers Maughan had Blevins and Akers motion didn't adequately code the concern oregon afloat pass them of the consequences.

Ultimately, Blevins was sentenced to much than 60 years successful situation successful 2017 aft helium was convicted of 2 counts of second-degree murder. Blevins had already been nether probation for allegedly stealing a 6-foot-tall bronze eagle statue from a Boy Scouts of America assembly gathering successful Wichita, CBS affiliate WIBW reported.

But the Kansas Court of Appeals ruled 4 years aboriginal that helium deserved a caller proceedings due to the fact that of Maughan's conflicts of interest. He past pleaded blameworthy to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to much than 13 years successful prison.

Maughan announced past period that helium would driblet retired of the contention for his House seat, but his sanction volition inactive beryllium connected the superior ballot alongside 3 different Republicans due to the fact that helium missed the deadline to retreat it.

He is facing 2 misdemeanors and 2 postulation violations aft a postulation halt successful Topeka successful March. He was charged with possession of a firearm portion nether the influence, DUI, nonaccomplishment to awesome a lane alteration and nonaccomplishment to support harmless transition from a azygous lane.

Maughan stepped down from his relation arsenic vice seat of House Judiciary aft helium was arrested, WIBW reported

His lawyer successful the Topeka lawsuit didn't instantly respond to an email Sunday.

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