Liam Wilson decapitates Youseff Dib with ‘left hook from hell’

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Liam Wilson’s measurement up to lightweight has gone perfectly to program aft helium KO'ed Youseff Dib successful brutal scenes connected Wednesday night.

On the undercard of the Sam Goodman-Chainoi Worawut combat night, Wilson threatened to bargain the amusement with 2 stunning near hooks sending Dib to the canvas.

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Wilson has mislaid doubly successful the past 18 months successful satellite title fights astatine ace featherweight, robbed successful a lucifer up with Emanuel Navarrette past February, earlier being dropped against Oscar Valdez successful March.

While Dib has mostly been an Australian journeyman astatine lightweight, helium came into the combat with conscionable the 1 loss, making it an intriguing lucifer up for Wilson moving up successful weight.

And the combat didn’t disappoint with Wilson getting tagged a fewer times and being near bleeding from the chemoreceptor successful the fifth.

But neither antheral slowed down successful a hectic combat arsenic the momentum shifted from circular to round.

That was until the eighth round, erstwhile Wilson showed his world-class qualities.

After Wilson was dragged down by Dib successful a headlock, the two-time satellite rubric challenger unleashed a savage near hook, which near his hostile wounded and starring up against the ropes.

And Wilson went for the kill, unloading a brutal near close connected the button, leaving Dib requiring aesculapian attraction connected the canvas.

“Liam Wilson with the near hook from hell,” Ben Damon said.

“Oh my goodness, that is devastating stuff.

“Liam Wilson, a world-class puncher, helium has produced not one, but 2 perfectly monstrous shots that person sent Youseff Dib down and good and genuinely out.”

Barry Michael said the archetypal changeable was “six inches”, earlier the 2nd 1 turned the lights out.

There was interest for Dib arsenic helium laic connected the canvas but helium was rapidly helped to his stool.

Damon said Dib was “starting to person things his ain mode — helium was connected top”.

But Michael added that “one punch conscionable changes everything”.

It’s not the archetypal clip Wilson has landed a devastating KO similar that but against an hostile similar Dib, who the commentators said was “having the combat of his life”, it’s 1 of the astir important KO's he’s had.

Damon said it was “a combat of the twelvemonth contender”, but it shows that Wilson is close astatine location astatine the higher weight-class.

Speaking aft the fight, Wilson

“I had to excavation precise deep, helium has a precise experienced corner, we knew that going into this camp,” Wilson said.

“He’s a pugnacious competitor, he’s been astir a agelong time, he’s fought immoderate precise bully radical and this is my archetypal combat astatine lightweight arsenic well.

“There were immoderate pugnacious moments successful that fight. Youseff is simply a bully combatant and we weren’t lone disquieted astir Youseff but his squad arsenic well.”

Wilson said his program was to instrumentality the combat heavy successful his bid to “finally go satellite champion”.

He said that helium lone went to lightweight to publication a combat with George Kambosos Jr. but added helium wanted to enactment astatine the caller weight.

But helium had a connection for Kambosos.

“That’s each I privation — doesn’t Australia privation that arsenic well?” Wilson said. “Let’s marque a bully combat for the fans and let’s get a combat happening.

“George, I person a bully resume, you person a bully resume. You’re coming disconnected 4 losses, I deliberation we should springiness the combat fans of Australia the combat they want.

“You’re a bully fighter, I respect you, we’ve travelled unneurotic successful Russia galore years ago. You cognize who I am, I cognize who you are, let’s marque the combat happen.”

Having been relegated to the undercard, the combat was easy the champion of the nighttime with the co-main betwixt erstwhile NRL prima Curtis Scott and ex-AFL hardman Barry Hall ending successful a farcical archetypal circular KO to Scott.

Sam Goodman past won the main lawsuit against Chainoi Worawut with a unanimous determination to the Aussie.

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