Matt Adnate wins 2024 Packing Room Prize for portrait of Baker Boy

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A representation of ARIA Award winning Yolngu rapper, dancer, creator and histrion Baker Boy has taken retired the prestigious 2024 Packing Room Prize.

The Rhythms of heritage representation by NSW Northern Rivers-based creator Matt Adnate was selected from 57 finalists successful this year’s yearly Archibald Prize.

The $3000 Packing Room Prize is judged and awarded by Art Gallery of NSW unit who receive, unpack and bent the entries.

Mr Adnate said helium was “absolutely stoked” to triumph the Packing Room Prize 2024 for his representation of his person Baker Boy, who is besides known arsenic Danzal Baker.

“With this portrait, I aimed to encapsulate the travel of my beloved person Baker Boy from his roots arsenic a young Indigenous performer from Arnhem Land to the euphony icon helium has go today,” helium said.

“I person ever been inspired by euphony arsenic it tin assistance maine transmission and evoke beardown emotion into my work.

“It gives maine the vigor to support painting, from canvases successful my workplace to large-scale murals.

“I’m successful awe of artists similar Baker Boy who person the powerfulness to usage euphony to alteration people’s mood, caput and energy.”

“It was an honour to overgarment him again and seizure the strength of his music.

“It has been unthinkable to ticker Baker Boy evolving into a multi-talented and award-winning creator implicit the past decade, cementing his bequest arsenic an Australian euphony icon.”

One of the judging staff, Monica Rudhar, said the representation highly impressed the broader Packing Room team.

“Matt Adnate is an unthinkable Australian thoroughfare creator renowned for his ample mural paintings,” justice

“His representation of singer-songwriter Baker Boy successful his signature benignant is characterised by expansive scale, vivid colours and a regard that draws you in.

“Matt and Baker Boy are some highly accomplished successful their respective fields and stock a communal designation of each other’s talents.

“Matt’s almighty representation encapsulates Baker Boy arsenic the inspirational Indigenous storyteller that helium is, mirroring the joyousness and anticipation that his euphony brings to the world.’”

Mr Adnate said his usage of spray overgarment and graffiti techniques allowed him to person “the astir control” erstwhile coating portraits.

“It’s been a situation to support my ain method and defy the unit to usage oils oregon much accepted mediums,” helium said.

“I’ve ever considered the Archibald to beryllium the pinnacle of creation prizes, particularly for portraiture.

“To triumph the Packing Room Prize with a representation that is truthful important to me, and to beryllium the archetypal thoroughfare creator to bash so, it truly pushes maine further”

Baker Boy said helium was arrogant to person been painted by Mr Adnate for aggregate murals and portraits implicit the years.

“It’s unreal to spot however helium captures maine arsenic I americium today, reflecting my emotion for euphony and a heavy transportation to my location of Arnhem Land, seen done the soulful reflection successful the eyes,” helium said.

Last year, Mr Adnate’s representation of Silverchair frontman and musician, Daniel Johns, was besides selected arsenic an Archibald Prize finalist.

This year, 57 works person been named finalists the Archibald,

The winners of the Archibald volition beryllium announced connected June 7, alongside the winners of the Wynne and Sulman prizes.

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