Melissa DeRosa, former Cuomo aide lied to me about her book

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It’s out-and-about season

Holidays done, Hamptons done, schlepping around’s begun.

Bette Midler at Bergdorf’s didn’t cognize the container country was closed. She thought she’s the lone shopper . . . Liev Schreiber walking Sixth Avenue rehearsing a gathering and clutching papers . . . Roger Federer, bully suit, hitting nary balls conscionable the Lex and 53rd pavement . . . Caroline Kennedy, aft doing the “Today” show, ignoring fans extracurricular Rock Center.

Bill de Blasio alone connected William Street sporting multicolored hairsbreadth . . . Meera Gandhi did cocktails for UK’s erstwhile archetypal lady Cherie Blair. Guests included husband Tony Blair . . . Joe Jonas at off-B’way’s Theater 555 to drawback “Sesame Street: The Musical” with Elmo and Cookie Monster . . . Deputy Mayor Phil Banks cigar puffing astatine Club Macanudo.

A assemblage crowding ft specializer Dr. Rock Positano. A musculoskeletal pandemic. All got galumphed playing pickleball . . . Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand breakfast-talking regularly astatine a edifice arsenic ballot clip heats up. Tells however she brought NYC large money. For trees. It’s benignant of a leaf-in . . . And from whatshisname Chaucer’s immortal words comes: “You’re ne'er drinking unsocial if the canine is home.”

More bookish blah, blah

MELISSA DeRosa, former Cuomo aide who lied to maine astir her book, denied she’s penning it, did interviews however she’s not penning it, screamed I don’t cognize what I’m talking astir erstwhile I announced she’s penning a book.

Now she’s calling adjacent out-of-work reporters — begging them to luncheon and java successful hopes of a plug for this caller non-book. Who’ll judge her? Trust her?

Pinocchio’s chemoreceptor is shorter. Even her ex brag blows her off.

High-steaks meal

NEW York story: A chic VIP person picked an chartless to maine uptown East Side edifice — aboriginal meal due to the fact that she’d conscionable been successful the hospital.

Her story: Alone, driving, a antheral jumping a reddish airy crashed into the rider broadside of her car. Totaled, it was hauled to wreckage. Police came. Ambulance came. The aerial container slammed with specified unit that she ended up hospitalized.

At meal she unfolded this story. We ordered drinks. The waiter brought the menu. Deep successful mishap details, we needed much time. He returned for our order. The edifice mightiness beryllium jammed later, but 6 p.m. was astir bare truthful we asked for different minute. In full we sat 15 minutes.

The proprietor past hollered astatine us, saying it’s a engaged restaurant. People are coming. We can’t conscionable beryllium there. Diners stared astatine us. And this boss, shouted astatine america to get out.

Basically, thrown out, we ended by having a large meal astatine Tudor City Steakhouse.

New York, New York — I springiness it 4 ughs.

Odds and ends

WHEN DeSantis thought Disney became annoying, wealth switched from him, until DJT greeted antisemite liberals. That breadstuff present astir apt goes to bare hookers . . . News for newsman Ernie Anastos. Back connected WPIX-TV successful caller syndicated “Positively America” amusement which volition bash burbles connected the thoroughfare positive celeb interviews . . . Nelson DeMille, property 80, his caller caller “Blood Lines” is fantabulous . . . Andrew Cuomo in an costly level spot watching the Eagles’ NY farewell concert. Private elevator. Chatted with fans shaking their hands. One information guard. Nobody needed to intervene for nobody.

All lone successful New York, kids, lone successful New York.

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