‘Nanny state’: YouTuber who fled Australia takes new swipe

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A YouTuber has followed done with his determination to fly Australia implicit the national government’s prohibition connected vapes, branding the state a “nanny state”.

Samuel Parsons, who reviews vaping products online arsenic the ‘Vaping Bogan’, archetypal announced his volition to permission the state backmost successful January, aft helium was near frustrated implicit the government’s crackdown.

The Adelaide section has present spent the past 3 months successful the UK, wherever he’s continued to reappraisal vape products. He plans to instrumentality to Australia concisely earlier moving to the UK permanently with 2 children and wife, who is simply a dual citizen, successful July.

“I volition lone instrumentality erstwhile things alteration and let adults to marque their ain choices astir what they enactment successful their body,” Mr Parsons told The Advertiser.

It comes aft the authorities introduced sweeping authorities to ace down connected the merchantability and usage of vapes successful January, banning the importation of disposable azygous usage vapes into Australia.

Further amendments were made to the instrumentality successful March to prohibition the importation of non-therapeutic-classed goods.

Mr Parsons slammed the prohibition arsenic a “terrible decision”, arguing “Australia has go a nanny state”.

“Vaping is much accessible successful … Russia and China than it is successful Australia close present and that says a lot. We are nary longer a escaped country. Prohibition has ne'er worked connected immoderate level,” helium told the publication.

Mr Parsons accused the authorities of making it much hard to entree vapes portion leaving cigarettes “untouched”.

“Why bash radical request a medicine to entree vaping yet you tin spell into immoderate store and bargain cigarettes?”

The YouTuber suggested the prohibition volition lone summation income connected the achromatic market.

“When the achromatic marketplace is bigger than it was earlier the prohibition and the younker vaping rates haven’t declined these politicians volition beryllium near with ovum connected their face.

“They volition destruct the hundreds of morganatic vape businesses trying to assistance radical get disconnected combustible baccy and lone marque the problems of younker vaping and unregulated vape products adjacent worse.”

Mr Parson said helium does not reappraisal azygous usage vapes truthful the UK’s program to prohibition those products would not impact him.

Mr Parsons began making videos astir antithetic vape products and emerging trends successful the marketplace aft helium discontinue smoking with the assistance of vapes astir a decennary ago.

In a connection connected its website, the TGA states regulations astir the importation and proviso of vapes are “designed to support Australians, peculiarly young people, from the harms of vaping and nicotine dependence portion ensuring vapes stay disposable to patients with a prescription, wherever clinically appropriate”.

It besides notes a scope of smoking cessation medicines disposable successful Australia which person been approved by the TGA and bash not person the aforesaid wellness risks arsenic vapes.

“There are presently nary therapeutic vapes that person been evaluated by the TGA and included successful the ARTG for smoking cessation oregon the absorption of nicotine dependence.”

Mr Parsons present has implicit 186,000 subscribers connected YouTube and implicit 67,00 connected Instagram.

In a video announcing his determination to permission successful January, the YouTuber said helium was ‘devastated that it’s travel to this’.

“I’m going to person to permission my mum, dada and sister,” helium said astatine the time.

“I truly person nary prime but to f***ing permission Australia, if I privation to proceed doing what I love, which is making contented and helping radical discontinue smoking.

Mr Parsons added Britain was overmuch much progressive erstwhile it comes to vaping.

“I’ve made the beauteous pugnacious determination of having to permission this beauteous state and spell determination that does judge vaping is simply a healthier alternate and does promote smokers to entree those products and doesn’t marque it f***ing hard.”

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