Netherlands: Former spy chief to lead right-wing coalition

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A erstwhile caput of the Dutch quality and information work AIVD is acceptable to go Prime Minister of the Netherlands astatine the caput of a right-wing-led conjugation government.

Dick Schoof, a 67-year-old elder civilian servant astatine the country's justness ministry with nary existent enactment affiliation, is considered an adept connected information and migration – 2 cardinal issues for the 4 conjugation partners.

The largest enactment successful the conjugation is the nationalist Party for Freedom (PVV), which emerged arsenic the largest enactment aft November's predetermination — albeit with little than a 4th of the ballot and obscurity adjacent capable enactment to govern by itself.

After months of negotiations, the PVV was capable to onslaught a woody with the wide People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the blimpish New Social Contract (NSC) enactment and the populist Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB).

Coalition woody required a PM different than Wilders

As portion of the negotiations, PVV person Geert Wilders agreed to forfeit the bureau of Prime Minister and marque concessions connected immoderate of his much utmost anti-Islam policies specified arsenic a prohibition connected mosques.

Wilders, known for his inflammatory far-wing rhetoric and anti-immigration and anti-EU positions, said Schoof, who was erstwhile a subordinate of the center-left Labour Party, "stands supra the parties and has our trust."

As good arsenic the AIVD quality agency, Schoof besides headed up the NCTV anti-terrorism bureau for respective years and was caput of the Dutch migration work successful the aboriginal 2000s.

Though a high-ranking elder authoritative for a agelong clip successful the Netherlands, Schoof's nationalist illustration is limited.

In its governing program published connected May 16, the conjugation said it would purpose for the "strictest-ever asylum regime" with stronger borderline controls and harsher rules for asylum seekers who get successful the Netherlands, already putting it connected a collision people with the European Union (EU).

After months of governmental limbo since the November election, which admittedly is modular process successful the Netherlands aft astir nationalist votes, Wilders past week said helium expected the caller authorities to beryllium operational by the extremity of June.

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